SecureInfo Corporation Provides Critical Information Security Assistance to Coalition Forces in Preparation for Deployment of Operation Iraqi Freedom

InSite Team Delivers Information Assurance Solutions to Measure and Mitigate Cyber Security Risks

SAN ANTONIO, April 7, 2003 — SecureInfo Corporation today announced that its InSiteSM security consulting team had completed comprehensive network security Certification and Accreditation solutions for the Combined Air Operations Center (CAOC) prior to the full-scale deployment of forces in conjunction with Operation Iraqi Freedom. The security Certification and Accreditation process is an information assurance methodology currently utilized by all commands within the Department of Defense to proactively secure information systems from internal and external malicious exploitation. SecureInfo provided the security expertise, risk management technology and critical skill sets necessary to assess, implement and manage the network monitoring capabilities for the CAOC. These capabilities are vital for CAOC in coordinating joint battlefield operations, planning search and rescue missions, and offering special operations support to combat units through CENTCOM (Central Command). CAOC is the nerve center for any military air operations that have and will occur during the strike on Iraq.
“The SecureInfo team offers it’s Government clients a superior level of information security expertise and an automated Certification and Accreditation software called RMS SM, which has allowed us to measure, test and mitigate risks for some of the world’s most sensitive and complex enterprise computer networks,” said Kevin Drummonds, SecureInfo’s Executive Vice President of Services. “We are grateful for the opportunity to support our troops and their efforts and wish for a safe and speedy return.”

InSite Team Delivers Information Assurance Solutions to Measure and Mitigate Security Risks

Steve Terry, Principal Information Engineer for SecureInfo, added, “Many of SecureInfo’s key employees are military veterans, and we are proud to apply our experience and knowledge in the cyber-security industry to make a difference in the significant role that information and intelligence play in this combined operation. This is a clear example of proactive Homeland Security in action.”

SecureInfo provided previous security Certification and Accreditation consulting assistance to the CAOC at Prince Sultan AFB in Saudi Arabia, which was used to coordinate military air operations against targets in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. The Company continuously provides Information Assurance solutions, Certification and Accreditation training and enterprise risk management software to numerous mission-critical computer network operations within the Department of Defense and Federal Civilian Government including the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT), US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) and the Department of Veterans Affairs Computer Incident Response Center (VACIRC).

Currently, SecureInfo has automated the entire Certification and Accreditation process based around the Company’s unmatched industry expertise. SecureInfo’s latest enterprise software solution, RMSSM (Risk Management System), will allow organizations to determine the level-of-risk in operating their enterprise information infrastructures and empower their teams to comply with all necessary federal regulations and information security requirements to deliver a secured network. Once implemented, RMS incorporates the security safeguards necessary to assure that the integrity, availability and confidentiality of the information being processed, transmitted or stored is consistent with the level of sensitivity of that specific information.

InSite Team Delivers Information Assurance Solutions to Measure and Mitigate Security Risks

About SecureInfo Corporation
SecureInfo Corporation is a leader in providing comprehensive enterprise information security management solutions to Government and commercial organizations. SecureInfo’s software simplifies the reporting and management of vulnerabilities across enterprise networks on an asset-by-asset basis while automating the network Certification and Accreditation process to provide a complete risk management solution. SecureInfo currently maintains its leadership position in Digital Homeland Defense by winning some of the most critical and information sensitive cyber security contracts awarded by the Federal Government. These contracts include enterprise protection, detection and response for the entire Department of Veteran’s Affairs (VACIRC), cyber security management solutions for the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT), and enterprise vulnerability management software for every Federal Civilian Agency in the United States (FedCIRC). Additional information is available at

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