Intrusion, Inc., Announces Intrusion SecureHost 2.0

Powered by Primary Response SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–April 15, 2003–

Both network and host intrusion detection and prevention events viewed in Intrusion SecureNet Provider for better security and lower cost

Furthering the commitment to provide best of breed intrusiondetection and intrusion prevention technology to government andprivate sector enterprises, Intrusion, Inc. (NASDAQ:INTZ), a leadingprovider of intrusion detection solutions for the information-driveneconomy, will be releasing Intrusion SecureHost(TM) 2.0 powered bySana Security’s Primary Response intrusion prevention technology.

“Over the past year, we have shown that the combination ofpolicy-based control over the internal, or user-facing perimeter witha host intrusion prevention system and the incident specifics of aprotocol decode based network intrusion detection system provides thekind of security that today’s professionals are looking for,” saidRyon Packer, vice president of product management, businessdevelopment and marketing for Intrusion, Inc. “With the addedparamount benefit of both network and host events in our leadingSecureNet Provider monitoring, data mining and reporting suite, we’reproviding excellent security with the most efficient data handling andlowest total cost of ownership among ID&P systems.”

Intrusion, Inc., and Sana Security, Inc., have signed a Memorandumof Understanding to quickly develop the integrated IntrusionSecureHost technology, which is expected to ship in early May 2003. “Intrusion provides a proven channel for our Primary Responseintrusion prevention technology,” said Andy Leventhal, vice presidentof business development for Sana Security, Inc. “This relationshipwith Intrusion highlights the strength of the unique approach we havetaken to intrusion prevention, which delivers real benefits byaddressing the on-going application vulnerability issue.”

About Sana Security, Inc.

Sana Security develops and markets application security softwarethat provides the most accurate, automated and effective detection andprevention of attacks for standard and custom server applications onmajor platforms. Sana Security’s first product, Primary Response,provides server-based application security employing a fundamentallydifferent methodology than knowledge-based products, eliminating theneed for constant updating and management by security experts andsignificantly reducing total cost of ownership for the enterprise. Thecompany is headquartered in San Mateo, Calif.

About Intrusion, Inc.

Intrusion, Inc., is a leading global provider of enterprisesecurity solutions for the information-driven economy. Intrusion’ssuite of security products help businesses protect criticalinformation assets by quickly detecting, analyzing and responding tonetwork- and host-based attacks. The company’s products includeintrusion detection and vulnerability assessment systems, and modular,scalable security appliances for Check Point Software Technologies’market-leading VPN-1(R)/FireWall-1(R). For more information, pleasevisit

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