LynuxWorks powers advanced biometric security solutions from Cogent Identification Systems

LynuxWorks announced that its real-time operating system (RTOS), LynxOS, has been chosen as a preferred software platform for Cogent Systems high-performance biometric identification products and services. LynxOS will provide the high levels of determinism and interoperability required by Cogent’s unique security systems for customers in law enforcement, civil government, and commercial markets.

Cogent’s products perform biometric comparisons of a person’s specific physiological or behavioral characteristics through a process of image flow processing, data flow computing, and information fusion. This process is used in applications such as finger and palm-print authentication and verification systems, and requires a high level of determinism to ensure reliable and timely results.

Henry Xue, chief engineer of Cogent sadi “We now live in a world where security systems are much more prevalent, and much more complex. LynxOS is a very reliable hard real-time operating system. We are very happy to have selected it for one of our current products.”

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