Panda Antivirus Titanium Includes the New Version of SmartClean

The new SmartClean acts on block files and generically repairs the effects of Trojans

MADRID, May 8 2003

The latest version of Panda Antivirus Titanium includes the new SmartClean system, the exclusive Panda Software technology for repairing damage to systems after virus attacks.

This feature is particularly useful given the large amount of viruses that alter system parameters to create an ideal environment for carrying out their destructive actions. By modifying or creating entries in the Windows registry or in files such as Autoexec.bat, Config.sys, Win.ini, etc, these malicious code can have serious effects that could even prevent the computer from being restarted.

If a “traditional’ antivirus deletes a file containing malicious code, it is quite possible that the system will still suffer the effects, as the virus could have inserted calls to the deleted file. It could, for example, be a virus that modifies registry entries so that every time a program with an EXE extension is launched, the malicious code is executed at the same time. If the file with the virus has disappeared, every time there is an attempt to open an .EXE application, an error is returned as the associated file can’t be found.

To solve these problems, Panda Software has developed SmartClean technology to compliment the detection and disinfection capacity of its antivirus. Thanks to this innovation, whenever Panda Antivirus Titanium eliminates an infected file, it also restores the system configuration or any changes that the virus has made to the operating system.

The new SmartClean, as opposed to the previous version, operates automatically and has even greater detection power. It can now act on blocked files and starts working as soon as the computer is restarted. Another important advantage offered by SmartClean, is that it contains generic detection routines for Trojans, so it does not need to search the computer for specific Trojans, making it more effective at repairing damage inflicted by this kind of malicious code.

Similarly, the new SmartClean can also clean files associated to any process loaded in memory or that could be loaded on restarting, a common strategy used by Trojans.

SmartClean is fully integrated into Panda Antivirus Titanium, which allows for intelligent scanning of the system to rapidly pinpoint the destructive trail of viruses. For this reason, SmartClean is updated at the same time as the virus signature file.

Panda Antivirus Titanium is especially designed for the home user who wants the best antivirus in a simple to use solution, as it rapidly detects and eliminates the more than 66,000 viruses that have appeared to date. It has completely automatic daily updates, the most advanced technology for Internet and e-mail protection and is designed to minimize the use of system resources. More information on Panda Antivirus Titanium is available at: Users can also try out the product by visiting:

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