Tanners Celebrates Siemens Solution 1

VINTAGE COMMUNICATIONS supplier Siemens has delivered a pay-as-you-go email service to Tanners Wines to prepare for an increase in email traffic from its new website www.tanners-wines.co.uk.

Solution 1, Siemens’ pay-as-you go communications service for SMEs, is delivering secure email and shared diary and contact information facilities to Tanners via a secure broadband link.

Unlike its wines some of Tanners’ IT was not getting better with age. Tanner’s IT manager, David Fletcher, said: “We used three email addresses to direct all our email traffic and used a dial-up connection which meant it could take a long time to send and receive emails. With the launch of the new website we were expecting a big increase in the amount of emails we received, many of which would be orders, and we had to look at making the system much more responsive.”

Solution 1 has delivered a secure, remote access email system to Tanners that also provides the company with state-of-the-art IT security. Tanners now has 10 online Microsoft Exchangeâ„? accounts that employees access via a high speed broadband link. The accounts are held at Solution 1’s data centre and are protected by over Â?500,000 worth of security. Information travelling between Tanners and Solution 1 is encrypted and all the data is backed up instantly.

David said: “when I was contacted by Solution 1 I was delighted, I had found a supplier that could deliver us exactly what we needed, a fast and reliable email system that could be easily expanded if necessary and that provided us with top level security and a back-up of all our correspondence with customers.”

Solution 1’s service is provided to Tanners on a per-user-per month basis. This meant Tanners didn’t have to invest in any new technology on top of the costs it had recently paid out on its new website.

David said: “The pay-as-you-go service was ideal considering the investment we had just made on the website. Our email service now comes at a fixed monthly charge, and we don’t need to worry about our phone bills going up due to us downloading more emails through a dial-up connection. It’s very annoying when you spend time and money downloading emails that you find out to be spam.”

On top of the cost saving benefits the style of delivery means that the system can be increased to include new users for short periods of time, something Tanners may need when covering seasonal changes in business, for example at Christmas.

Tanners wine merchants has been independently run by the Tanner’s family since is 1842. The company is associated with quality and excellence with a list of accolades and recommendations from industry leaders and organisations.

Solution 1 provides the latest in communication and business applications, paid for on a per user per month basis and delivered from a highly secure, state-of-the-art central computer centre. For further information please visit www.solution1.co.uk

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