Cable and Wireless and Attix5 Join Forces to Deliver Comprehensive Data Backup Solution

Cable & Wireless extends its European business continuity services to include secure online data backup and recovery ~

Companies can now protect critical business information against loss with total peace of mind.

Cable & Wireless, the global telecommunications group, has joined forces with Attix5 to deliver secure online data backup and recovery managed services.

As part of the collaboration, Cable & Wireless will directly target major corporate customers, and the two companies will work together to recruit a network of resellers serving the SME market. The service is based on Attix5’s industry-leading Backup Professional software solution and is hosted on Cable & Wireless’ global network infrastructure.

Backup Professional enables automated backup of information across the entire enterprise, whether it resides on servers, desktops or mobile computing devices such as laptops. In the event of data loss due to a systems crash, failure, theft, virus damage, accidental deletion or disaster (e.g. fire, flood), files can be quickly and easily recovered to any computer at any location, enabling the smooth continuation of business operations.

The service will help company directors meet their corporate governance obligations to ensure robust and effective risk management measures are in place.

The importance of implementing a comprehensive data backup and recovery solution is underscored by the results of a recent study which found that 43% of companies that suffer large-scale data loss due to disasters never re-open and 29% close within two years[1] . According to research by PwC and the DTI, the average cost for a single incident of data loss, whether due to systems failure or accidental deletion, is over £6,000[2] .

The ability to provide comprehensive cover for mobile computing devices is an important differentiator for the service, especially given that as much as 60% of corporate data resides unprotected on PC desktops and laptops[3] .

Data is replicated across two Cable & Wireless data centres to ensure full redundancy and is delivered as a managed service, meaning that customers will benefit from a guaranteed service level availability. Customers’ data is stored encrypted on discs within the data centre, providing higher levels of security and performance. In comparison with tape-based backup, this method enables faster backup and restore, as well as greater availability of backed up data.

Backup Professional ensures ‘bank-level plus’ security of customer data, both across the network connection and on the storage device, through the unique use of two-factor user authentication from RSA Security, and encryption technology.

“Backup Professional addresses the crucial need for improved data backup solutions. By collaborating with Cable & Wireless, we can now offer data backup as a highly secure, scalable, managed service to businesses of all sizes,” said Roelou Barry, CEO at Attix5.

“With Attix5, we are providing a cost effective way for our customers to protect their data, wherever it is within the extended enterprise,” said Terry McKeever, director, Indirect & Partner Sales, Cable & Wireless. “Hosted storage solutions give organisations the flexibility to scale their storage requirements up or down as necessary, allowing them access to the latest technology”.

[1] Source: Contingency Planning Research & Strategic Research Corporation 2001
[2] Source: PwC/DTI Information Security Breaches Survey 2002
[3] Source: IDC, Business Continuity in 2002: It’s Not Business as Usual, April 2002

About Cable & Wireless
Cable & Wireless is one of the world’s leading international communications companies. It provides voice, data and IP (Internet Protocol) services to business and residential customers, as well as services to other telecoms carriers, mobile operators and providers of content, applications and internet services.

Cable & Wireless’ principal operations are in the United Kingdom, continental Europe, the United States, Japan, the Caribbean, Panama, the Middle East and Macau.

For more information about Cable & Wireless, go to

About Attix5
Attix5 is a leading provider of online data backup and recovery solutions. Its fail-safe technology provides enterprise-wide protection against loss of critical business information.

Attix5’s Backup Professional solution enables IT managers to automate backup procedures across the entire enterprise, whether data resides on servers, desktops or laptops, helping to ensure compliance with corporate governance policies and regulations on data risk and business continuity. Users can also quickly and easily recover data anywhere, anytime without the need for IT support using a simple, secure browser-based interface.

Backup Professional is the most secure end-to-end solution of its class in the world. It is the only offering on the market to incorporate two-factor user authentication, PKI and encryption technology and to have full certification for RSA Security’s RSA Keon, RSA BSAFE and RSA SecurID products. This means that any sensitive data stored, transmitted or accessed online (via a LAN, WAN or Internet connection) using Backup Professional is protected by ‘bank-level plus’ security.

Attix5 commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct stringent tests and reviews to ensure that the quality, security and functionality of the Backup Professional solution are in line with international best practice. PwC has investigated all security concerns relating to remote data storage using Attix5’s proprietary technology and has confirmed its trust by outsourcing its own critical data storage to Attix5.

Attix5’s customers range from SMEs to blue-chip companies and include Accenture, Pfizer, PwC, Tiscali, RSA Security, Old Mutual and Dimension Data. The company has strategic partnerships with PwC and Cable & Wireless, and is RSA Security’s exclusive global Premier Partner for online data backup and recovery.

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