Anti-spam Groups to Benefit from Sales of SpamSquelcher, the First Product to Stop Spam at the Source

Philadelphia — June 25, 2003 (INB) — ePrivacy Group, makers of SpamSquelcher(TM), the revolutionary new anti-spam product that dramatically reduces the cost of spam to enterprises and Internet Service Providers, announced today that it will donate a portion of SpamSquelcher’s sales revenue to anti-spam campaigners.

“ePrivacy Group was founded to put an end to spam,” says Vincent Schiavone, the company’s president and CEO. “That’s why we developed SpamSquelcher and that’s why we are making this commitment to anti-spam campaigners who are working to end this scourge which threatens to undermine all that is beneficial about the Internet.”

“For each sale of SpamSquelcher in the United States through the end of this year, we will donate $1,000 to the SpamCon Foundation ( For each sale in Canada, we will donate $1,000 to CAUCE Canada (”

Neil Schwartzman, Chairman of CAUCE Canada, welcome today’s announcement: “CAUCE Canada gratefully acknowledges the generous donation ePrivacy is making to further our goal of eliminating spam through legislative means. Each sale of the revolutionary SpamSquelcher software therefore not only impacts spam by way of a unique technologic approach but also financially assists CAUCE Canada in our advocacy efforts to promote legislative means to an end to the blight of unsolicited bulk email.”

The SpamCon Foundation was selected to receive $1,000 from each sale of SpamSquelcher in the United States at the recommendation of CAUCE (, the Campaign Against Unsolicited Commercial Email, which does not accept monetary donations.

“We are pleased to see the makers of SpamSquelcher supporting those anti-spam advocacy groups that do take such donations,” says CAUCE Chairman Scott Hazen Mueller.

“We applaud this recognition of the fact that the work of anti-spam advocacy groups is an important part of solving the spam problem and hope that a steady stream of money will keep us all moving towards a spam-free future.”

Commenting on the announcement, Andrew Barrett, Executive
Director of the SpamCon Foundation says, “Technology like SpamSquelcher is an important component of any solution to the spam problem. The SpamCon Foundation has long held that any solution to spam will comprise many aspects—technical, social and legal—all working in concert to benefit recipients, network operators and responsible email marketers.”

“When participants in one of our constituent groups, such as ePrivacy Group, support the SpamCon Foundation, all parties to the spam debate benefit,” adds Barrett.

“We encourage more companies and institutions to follow suit. After all, corporations derive enormous benefits from email, benefits that will eventually be lost if more is not done to stop spam.”

Stephen Cobb, Senior VP of Research at ePrivacy Group, notes that the SpamCon Foundation is working towards measures that reduce the amount of unsolicited email which crosses private networks, while ensuring that valid email reaches its destination.

“We like this balanced approach and hope that other companies will add their support.”

Noting that spam appears to be taking a particularly heavy toll on regional ISPs, Cobb says that ePrivacy Group may consider extending SpamSquelcher-funded support to state ISP associations.

About ePrivacy Group

ePrivacy Group is working to rid the world of spam by adding trust, privacy, and intelligence to electronic messaging through innovative products, like Trusted Sender(TM) and SpamSquelcher(TM), and industry initiatives like the Trusted Email Open Standard. SpamSquelcher dramatically reduces spam and the economic burden of spam on ISPs and enterprises. Trusted Sender certifies corporate email identity, improving message open and click-through rates with trust stamps that verify message source and content. Founded by leading experts in privacy and security, ePrivacy Group is a privately held company based in Philadelphia.

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