Aladdin Knowledge Systems launches new advanced anti-spam service

Aladdin Knowledge Systems announced its collaboration with Cobion, technology leader in content security software, and the launching of a new Advanced Anti-spam Service designed to equip eSafe 4 customers with state-of-the-art spam control.

Now Aladdin’s new Advanced Anti-Spam Service includes Cobion technology for URL Classification, Hash Signature Data, and Heuristic Text Analysis for full text classification including comparison to Cobion’s database of known spam. The global spam database contains digital fingerprints of hundreds of thousands of currently circulating spam e-mails that have been collected from across the world.

With a track record noted for comprehensive analysis of sender, recipient, and e-mail content, eSafe 4 prevents unauthorized transmission of confidential information through Cobion’s advanced anti-spam technology that classifies and categorizes e-mail content.

eSafe 4 is the only fully-integrated, proactive content security solution on the market that offers the industry’s fastest high-capacity throughput for HTTP and FTP inspection with unsurpassed resilience to traffic spikes and scalability to fit expanding networks.

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