Scalable Networks Partners with Netilla

New partnership makes VPNs remotely accessible with total security

In response to the increasing demand for remote access to enterprise resources, independent network consultancy Scalable Networks has announced a partnership with Netilla Networks, Inc. By adding Netilla’s proven SSL VPN (Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network) technology to its portfolio, Scalable now offers the increased flexibility, productivity and personal satisfaction of remote working, and help employees such as sales people, engineers and journalists to do their jobs away from the office.

The Netilla Security Platform provides a secure and clientless connection to company applications from any location. It enables remote workers to use a standard web browser to connect to business resources without needing to buy and install specialised software. The system is both secure and simple, since the SSL is embedded in the client device browser and paired with an internal firewall, giving optimal performance over any Internet connection for any application. For example, an engineer could use specialised CAD/CAM software, running on Linux, over a dial-up connection with complete confidence.

“The benefits of remote working are incontrovertible,” said Simon Brown, Director at Scalable Networks. “But with these benefits come security issues. On the one hand, the Government insists that workers should be given more flexibility – The Flexible Working Act came into force in April – yet under the Data Protection Act, organisations could face hefty law suits if they haven’t taken reasonable steps to ensure that information is secure.”

“UK businesses need the flexibility offered by remote access to their applications, but they also need to be sure that connections are secure. That’s why we selected Netilla as a partner; we were impressed by both the simplicity and integrity of their system. With the right hardware and the right expertise, there is no reason why businesses cannot work flexibly with confidence.”

“We are pleased that Scalable has chosen Netilla for its product portfolio” said Linda Joynes, European Marketing Director at Netilla. “Security has always been a major concern with remote access, but our tried and tested proprietary and standards-based mechanisms provide a secure buffer between remote users and internal network resources. Scalable Networks has established a great reputation for its secure networking solutions and we are pleased to be included within its offering.”

About Netilla Networks
Netilla Networks, Inc. is a leading global provider of enterprise-class secure remote access solutions. The Netilla family of SSL VPN appliances gives organizations the power to make their mission-critical applications and resources instantly available to employees and trusted partners anywhere via standard Web browsers, while safeguarding internal networks. Compared to traditional VPN technologies, the Netilla Security Platform is a versatile, simple and quick-to-deploy solution that lowers the total cost of remote access security management. Netilla’s products are available through a worldwide network of value-added resellers. Netilla can be reached at

About Scalable Networks
Scalable Networks plc is an independent network integrator and consultancy with wide experience of high-speed network migration, voice and data convergence, and security and network management technologies. It has a selected core portfolio of hardware and software products from strategic vendors, including Extreme Networks, Cisco Systems, NetScout Systems and NetScreen Technologies. Scalable is also recognised as an industry expert in the implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions and the migration of mixed topology and Token Ring networks to ‘content-aware’ Ethernet and IP environments. For further information visit

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