“Secure your eSecrets’ – A New and Simplified Approach to Electronic Document Security

London, UK – June 25th, 2003—E-Business Plus Ltd. & Securit-e-Doc, Inc.

Automated, intelligent, electronic document security has arrived. No client-side software. No PKI system to manage. No VPN or firewall concerns, just automated intelligent security, with forensic level proof of delivery and complete activity auditing. Secure electronic document delivery and archival without the pain.

Government and business are increasingly taking advantage of the speed and efficiency of electronic information. But there are always concerns about security, especially when sensitive and confidential information is been transferred across the Internet, internally from department to department or externally between companies and trading partners. These concerns are now a thing of the past, thanks to a ground-breaking e-security system that delivers unprecedented security and functionality by empowering organisations to manage, store and transmit information in any format in complete security.

The system, Securit-e-Doc ®, conforms to the mandatory US security standard, now adopted by the UK government—FIPS 140-1—and is the system of choice for government departments and agencies throughout the USA and Canada. This software is now available in Europe.

“If you need to transmit and store sensitive information, with the highest level of security available, then Securit-e-Doc ® is the answer’ says Chris Ball, divisional sales manager of E-Business Plus Ltd, the European distributor of Securit-e-Doc ®. Information of any type and from any market sector, can be securely transmitted and stored’ continued Chris. “The document could be either financial, medical, legal or commercial in nature, and could be from the Banking, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Research or Government sectors’.

Securit-e-Doc ® is available direct from E-Business Plus Ltd or from selected partners.

About E-Business Plus Limited

E-Business- Plus Ltd. are a web specialist organisation that enables major companies and government to extract the best use of new and emerging Internet technologies, in order to achieve competitive advantage.

About Securit-e-Doc Inc

Securit-eDoc Inc focuses on delivering powerful security software products and technologies to meet the expanding communication and collaboration demands of the global e-World. The Company’s automated technologies are elegant, easy to use solutions that apply transparent security, portability, virtual storage and complete audit tracking to applications and information delivered across the open Internet. Securit-e-Doc® is Securing the e-World.

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