StarForce Technology and OEM Allied to Protect European CD-Rs

Moscow, June 06. StarForce Technologies, a leading developer in copy protection technology announced a long-term business relationship in copy protection with O.E.M. GmbH. O.E.M. GmbH ( – is one of the largest European producers of software products and an optical media duplicator of CD/CD-R/DVD/DVD-R. The company offers complex services for audio, video and software manufacturing including logistics and products delivery.

Prevalence of CD-R format and the recent intensive trends to secure rights and intellectual property have become the main reason for O.E.M. to search a technological partnership in copy protection. Easy-to-handle unique technology and a lack of solutions with identical to StarForce “high-degree” protection features determined further cooperation of the two companies. European software publishers have now been provided the maximum security for their products and a solution that blocks illegal access and usage of software distributed on CD-R. StarForce CD-R 3.0 copy protection system as the major subject of the contract which was signed in the late June, serves to protect commercial and corporate digital products, beta-version and limited editions of software manufactured by O.E.M. GmbH against copying, emulating and hacking.

«We are constantly observing the optical media market and have been attentively approaching new business relationships in the European region, where StarForce Technologies has been providing copy protection services for CD-ROM and DVD-ROM media through the biggest European manufacturing facilities (kdg mediatech AG, OMD Productions AG, etc) for two years. Partnership with O.E.M. in CD-R protection is another stage in building effective cooperation and reputation of the company in the European market. We are glad to be working with such a trustful partner», says Dr. Eugeny Bekassov, StarForce European Countries Manager, – «together we have discovered new forms of cooperation and further promotion of StarForce CD-R 3.0 among O.E.M. clients. »

StarForce CD-R 3.0
A powerful multi-level CD-R copy protection system designed for developers and publishers who wish to protect their applications and files against professional piracy. StarForce CD-R 3.0 is recommended for protection of pre-releases of popular games, test versions of applications released in small batches and as singles. Discs containing protected applications can be duplicated using an ordinary CD-RW drive or a commercial CD-R duplicator.

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