Kingston Communications and Integralis to Offer Customers Access to Security Expertise

As concerns about the impact of malicious and unsolicited traffic on IT infrastructures reach fever pitch, ISPs are looking to security experts to help them combat the issue of network security.

Kingston Communications, a leading national telecommunications provider for businesses, has today announced a joint collaboration with IT security integrator Integralis to offer a range of advanced security services to provide protection from Internet risks such as computer viruses, spam and hackers.

Under the agreement, Kingston Communications’ customers will be able to take advantage of a range of services including network based anti-virus scanning, spam and content control systems, managed firewalls, managed URL filtering and managed authentication.

Kingston Communications offers a comprehensive range of data networking solutions including broadband internet access and VPN technology, so comprehensive security measures are crucial to ensure its customers’ information assets are fully protected.

Commenting on the announcement, Lance Spencer, managing director of Kingston Communications – Business Markets Division said:

“By providing a managed service with a recognised security authority, Kingston Communications aims to reduce the risk of going online for its customers. With the rise in volume of web based security breaches, it is essential that our customers can utilise broadband technologies securely, and the choice to work with Integralis puts the customer in direct contact with the experts – something that many of our competitors simply cannot offer.”

All customers will have access to full support from Integralis consultancy teams and will benefit from the integrator’s independent expertise in areas such as security policies and standards, security technology and best practice. The decision to work with Integralis came after Kingston Communications had evaluated a total of 17 security companies, a process during which it became apparent that the combination of its expertise in customer care with Integralis’ specialisation in security services would create a strong alliance.

Graham Jones, UK country manager at Integralis, commented:

“Telecommunications companies have a responsibility to protect their customers from viruses and malicious attacks so the decision to partner with a security expert is very positive for Kingston’s customers. Securing the perimeter of the network is a complex task and very few network providers have the breadth and depth of expertise required. This is particularly pertinent with the rise in popularity of broadband technology that, despite its benefits, can expose users to increased risks. By engaging in this partnership, Kingston has demonstrated a commitment to deliver the latest technology to its customers, in the safest way.”

About Kingston Communications
Kingston Communications is an established UK communications company. The Group’s national business-to-business capabilities encompass the provision of fully integrated and managed network solutions, complemented by the delivery of voice, data and call handling services in the towns and cities served by the Kingston Communications network. This infrastructure comprises twenty-five metropolitan fibre networks and a long distance broadband network, which was initiated for service in May 2001. Kingston’s new media activities include the DSL-based interactive television service, KIT, and satellite broadband content, storage and distribution arm, Kingston inmedia. The Group’s East Yorkshire network operation has served business and residential customers since 1904.

About Integralis
Since its formation 14 years ago, Integralis has grown to become Europe’s largest security systems integrator. Integralis enables companies to conduct secure communications and e-commerce transactions via private and public networks. The company offers a broad selection of security services, security products and managed security services. The existing customers of Integralis include government authorities and numerous major European companies, including two thirds of the companies listed on the DAX 30 and half the companies listed on the FTSE 100. Integralis is a part of Articon-Integralis AG since the merger of ARTICON Information Systems AG with Integralis Group.

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