Meetinghouse Announces AEGIS Client 2.1 For Windows

New Version of Standards-based WLAN Security Solution Provides Support for WPA and Centralized Enterprise Deployment

PORTSMOUTH, NH, July 22, 2003 — Meetinghouse, Inc., a leading developer of standards-based network authentication software for wired and wireless local-area networks, announces AEGIS Client 2.1 for Windows with support for WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Accessâ„?) and centralized enterprise deployment that makes the AEGIS solution more practical for securing large WLAN installations.

New Features of AEGIS Client 2.1 for Windows

WPA Support

WPA support overcomes inherent weaknesses in WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) by providing robust key management.
Implements security countermeasures to actively defeat potential attacks. Provides the increased security essential for privacy-sensitive environments such as healthcare, banking and government.
Available on Windows 98, 98SE, ME, NT 4.0, 2000 and XP. Enterprise Deployment

IT managers can pre-configure and roll-out wireless LAN security to the Windows clients tailored to the needs of the organization.
Reduces the need for end user set-up reducing total cost of ownership. Administrators set site parameters such as EAP method before deploying to users’ desktops.

About the Meetinghouse AEGIS Solution

AEGIS provides secure IEEE 802.1X standards-based authentication for wireless LANs in enterprise and public access networks. In addition, AEGIS mitigates commonly known vulnerabilities and weaknesses in 802.11 wireless networking by providing support for WPA and AES with AEGIS Client v2.1 for Windows, plus offering the enhanced tunneling authentication solutions, TTLS and PEAP. AEGIS Client and AEGIS Server software can be used with other industry standard 802.1X authentication software.

AEGIS Client 2.1 will be available July 21, 2003 and can be downloaded from the Meetinghouse website

About Meetinghouse

Meetinghouse is a leading developer of advanced network security and authentication products. Founded by networking industry veteran Dr. Paul Goransson, Meetinghouse has developed security software for many leading global network equipment manufacturers. The company is known for its technical expertise, high-quality products and for being an outstanding business partner with the highest ethical standards. The company is headquartered in Portsmouth, NH. For additional information, visit the company website at or call 1.603.430.7710.

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