Brevard County Florida Installs bioLock From Realtime To Provide Security to US Spacecoast

Thursday July 31, 8:00 am EST
SAP Customer uses fingerprint authentication for better Security and HIPAA Compliance

TAMPA, Florida. July. 31 ( ) realtime North America, Inc. has today announced that Brevard County of Florida has installed bioLock, the first and only access-control-via-fingerprint software solution for SAP systems, to provide much needed extra security. Brevard County Systems Supervisor, Rick Meshberger (person on the right in the picture) chose bioLock because the county needed to have secure single sign-on to multiple systems, to provide extra security for access to sensitive information in their HR systems and to assist in compliance with the federal HIPAA standards. The next step will be to limit and control access to purchasing functions. Because of the need to access multiple critical systems, 8-digit passwords with lower case, upper case and numbers were inconvenient, insecure, and time consuming to retrieve from PDAs where they were typically stored and secured with another easier-to-remember single password. Most importantly, Brevard County, which includes the city of Melbourne and the NASA space facilities at Cape Kennedy and Cape Canaveral, and lies in a hurricane prone area, needed to provide extra-secure access to emergency preparedness supplies that are necessary to protect an area of national importance. The large quantities of emergency supplies necessary for national security for the space launch areas can involve very large expenditures. Brevard operates its emergency preparedness command headquarters from an underground bunker capable of withstanding a nuclear blast, and needed comparable IT security to protect their systems.

realtime was introduced to the Brevard County leadership by Mr. Pete Gunn, Director of Safety and Security for the Florida Space Authority. Mr. Gunn had learned of the benefits of bioLock, knew that Brevard County was looking for additional security, and immediately recognized the benefits that bioLock would have for an area so concerned with national security.

Thomas Neudenberger, COO of realtime North America (left in the picture), described the function of bioLock as providing a secure and convenient alternative to the insecure password-method of limiting access to valuable or sensitive data in IT systems. According to Neudenberger, bioLock is ?basic security? that every company should already have, and will have two years from now. To utilize fingerprint technology combined with smart cards and RFID, realtime has partnered with the industry-leading keyboard manufacturer, Cherry. Cherry provides their well-known keyboards with the award winning capacitive Infineon fingerprint sensors, plus smart card and RFID readers.

With the growing need for security on a global basis and with their great experience in SAP profiles and authorization solutions, realtime developed the first SAP-certified biometric access and function control solution for SAP. bioLock not only protects the logon, but also individual transactions and fields within the SAP system. The system is installed in hours and does not alter the existing SAP system. Using the system does not require training and is intuitive and convenient. No programming skills are necessary to protect the transactions – it can be done in a minute by any SAP supervisor. The system not only uniquely identifies the user, it also logs the complete execution information of the protected transaction, including the attempt of an unauthorized person to execute the protected transaction.

The bioLock system was recently presented by SAP as part of their homeland security effort at their annual Sapphire conference. bioLock is also installed and displayed in the SAP Global Solution Center in Pennsylvania.

About realtime
realtime is an SAP solution house that was established in 1986 in Europe and is still managed by former senior SAP employees. realtime has a client base of over 200 “Fortune Global 500” customers in Europe and in North America including Bayer, DaimlerChrysler, Siemens, Toyota, Esso, Procter & Gamble, DuPont, Black & Decker, Nestle and others. realtime has supported these clients with both services and software solutions. In addition to bioLock, realtime has many users of its other popular software solutions, including APM, which provides access rights administration and auditing functions in SAP R/3. For more information about realtime North America, see

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