Microexpert Limited Launches Remote Network Access System

Brighton, August 4th, 2003 – Sussex based Microexpert Limited (www.microexpert.com) have just launched their new Remote Network Access System which will help company’s extend their corporate office network remotely and securely to anywhere in the world using a combination of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology and secure USB authentication token cryptography

“In today’s global marketplace, the need to communicate business-critical information efficiently and securely to and from remote locations is becoming a crucial success factor. This need alone establishes the business case for installing a VPN gateway into your corporate network,” says Jason Smith, Marketing Manager of Microexpert Ltd.

The increase of internet access conduits is another element of fuel that is making VPN a hot new piece of technology in this wireless revolution. With broadband becoming cheaper and more attainable and WiFi technology on the increase now means that there is a broader range of internet access points available from home connections, cafes, airports, hotels, conference centres and even on the beach in Brighton. (www.piertopier.net).

VPN benefits from these developments because it uses the internet as an inexpensive bridge to connect remote users to their corporate network allowing them full rights and privileges as if their computer was actually connected to the corporate LAN. Once connected remote users have access to all shared software, files, documents, databases and the company’s network server. They can receive and transfer any information between machines, send and receive e-mails via their company account and they even have the ability to print to the office laser printer just as easily as if they were physically sat in the office.

The Remote Network Access System is highly advantageous to companies who need to support overseas travelling executives, on-the road salesman, field engineers working on customers sites or just those people who need to work from home. The gateway is highly secure and brings greater freedom, flexibility and convenience to employees and employers. It also allows companies to extend their corporate network to smaller locations and/or multi branch outlets securely and cost effectively without the need for additional leased lines. Thus reducing the costs that are incurred by leased lines and frame relay networks.

An additional benefit of this new Remote Network Access System being offered by Microexpert Ltd is the added security that comes from the USB tokens that are supplied in conjunction with the service. USB tokens offer a smart-card-based network login system without the need for an actual card reader. Instead the device plugs into a computers standard universal serial port offering a fully portable and cost-effective means to authenticate users and to digitally sign sensitive business transactions.

These devices are the size of a standard house key and allow you to store all your security passwords and desktop settings giving you the ability to use any machine anytime and have all your settings the way they are on your own PC.

“USB tokens are supplied with Microexpert’s Remote Network Access System because it is an ideal marriage which saves a significant amount of money for a company with multiple employees needing to access a virtual private network from both home and work,” says David Everett, Chief Executive Officer of Microexpert Ltd.

Just imagine it! Being able to work from anywhere at any time from any computer and have a secure, simple and cheap link-up to your offices network facilities. You could be sitting on the beach, in the car or in a hotel room and be able to access all your offices resources from a single dial-up connection. No more “leaves on the line” or other gruelling disruptions to your journey into the office. No more need to confine your office to one small geographic area, the world is your office!

So how does it all work I hear you say? Well the user access’ the internet in the normal way – either through a dial-up modem or broadband connection to their internet service provider. Once online the VPN client software automatically establishes a secure connection to your corporate network. You are then prompted for a password to logon and allow you access. Once this has been fulfilled a secure link is established through a security firewall. Then you are given complete access to shared files and all the internal facilities available on your corporate network securely. The whole process only takes a few moments and is totally transparent to the remote user.

The secure link-up works by forming a virtual “tunnel” though the internet from the users machine to the company’s network. This “tunnel” then forms the basis of a protected seal for the established communication. Data that is sent through the “tunnel” is encrypted at the senders end then decrypted at the receiving end. This means that no data that is not properly encrypted can enter the secure link-up. This then also means that no unauthorised access to the network can be established by any malicious intruder or your transmitted data being intercepted by others.

David Everett summed up by saying “The main advantage for an organisation to install a VPN system with USB token cryptography is obvious, it extends their office network on a global scale, it reduces their operational costs versus traditional WAN, it reduces transit time and transportation costs, it improves productivity and is a scalable, inexpensive and secure remote access solution for home workers, field engineers and travelling executives.”.

If you are interested in finding out more about Microexpert’s Remote Secure Access System and how it can benefit your organisation, or you wish for one of our consultants to visit your company in regards to installing the system onto your corporate network, then please contact Jason Smith at Microexpert Limited on 01273 517015 or email your inquiry to jason.smith@microexpert.com

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