Snapgear and TZO Partnership Brings Secure Internet Connections To Small- And Medium-Sized Enterprises

Integration of TZO Dynamic DNS Service and Hardware Brings Secure Remote Office Access to Non-Technical Office Workers

SAN FRANCISCO – LinuxWorld Conference & Expo – Aug. 5, 2003 -SnapGear Inc., a leader in embedded Linux security, and Tzolkin, the leading commercial dynamic DNS provider, today announced a partnership agreement to integrate the TZO’s Dynamic DNS services with SnapGear’s entire line of VPN firewall appliances. Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can now easily give workers secure remote access to internal file servers behind a company firewall, thanks to the joint offering.

“SMEs demand good value, simplicity and ease of use,” said Rick Stevenson, CEO of SnapGear. “The TZO partnership allows us to take our VPN and firewall security technologies and make them accessible to non-technical people.”

A remote worker using SnapGear’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology with a laptop computer can use a standard phone or DSL line to establish a secure Internet connection and then work on the internal company network through a firewall. The new service is a boon to smaller enterprises that rely on DSL connections with dynamic IP addresses to access the Internet. Historically companies have required dedicated IP addresses and expensive hardware to offer this level of secure remote access.

“SnapGear products bring enterprise-class security to the small corner shop,” said Gary Cook, CEO of Tzolkin Corp. “For some time we have been helping our customers configure our TZO Service for use with their SnapGear VPN and firewall products. Integrating the TZO Client software functionality within the SnapGear hardware simplifies the process and offers our shared customers an easy solution in implementing a secure VPN at a remote site.”

Tzolkin’s TZO Dynamic DNS service allows remote workers to connect to company networks that are connected to the Internet with DSL lines having dynamic IP addresses. The TZO Service maps the phone company.s numerical Internet address to a domain even when the Internet address changes, a common problem with the low-cost DSL connections favored by SMEs. Tzolkin will provide end-user support for the TZO Service.

Existing SnapGear customers will be offered free firmware upgrades to a new version that includes TZO Service integration. From August, all new SnapGear shipments will include the TZO Service integration features. The following products will be affected: LITE, LITE+, SOHO+, PRO, SME530, SME550, PRO+ and PCI630.

Tzolkin offers its TZO Dynamic DNS Service free to SnapGear customers for the first 30 days and will charge SanpGear customers who choose to continue using the TZO Service just US$24.95 per year.

About Tzolkin Corp.
Located just outside Boston, Massachusetts, USA, the Tzolkin Corporation, through its TZO and AutoFailover Services help small and medium sized businesses and associations increase the value of their Internet connections. With the TZO Dynamic DNS Service, users who have either a static or a dynamic IP address can take control of their own web site, email, ftp service and more. For more information visit

Tzolkin’s AutoFailover Service is an Internet-server monitoring and automatic-failover and load-balancing service designed to maintain a company.s online presence. A high-availability service, AutoFailover can failover and load-balance among servers in multiple locations protecting against server failure, connection failure, and local or regional disruptions.

About SnapGear, Inc.
SnapGear, a leader in embedded Linux security, provides design, engineering and fulfillment services for network appliances that ensure secure Internet communications for business. SnapGear partners with OEM customers including Vivendi to deliver custom security solutions worldwide. It also distributes VPN/firewall security products through systems integrators in more than 40 countries. SnapGear’s engineering team has been instrumental in the development of uClinux, which has been ported to more than 100 chip architectures, as well as the pioneering implementation of Microsoft’s PPTP VPN standard on Linux. SnapGear’s embedded Linux distribution, uClinux, runs in more than 20 million devices globally. For more information, visit

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