Sobig-F Virus Spreading Fast

Sybari’s Antigen Delivers Unique Features To Ensure User Protection From This Hard Hitting E-Mail Worm Virus

East Northport, NYÂ?(August 20, 2003)Â?Sybari Software, Inc., the developer of Antigen, a comprehensive antivirus, content-filtering, anti-Spam, and e-mail security solution for leading messaging and collaboration environments, today reports on the e-mail virus known as W32/Sobig-F, which is rapidly spreading throughout the Internet. Sobig-F (W32/Sobig.F-mm) is a mass-mailing worm that spreads via e-mail.

“Organizations need to protect themselves from this virus that debilitates user productivity,” said Joe Licari, director of product management for Sybari Software, Inc. “By enabling either Antigen File Filtering ? or Antigen Worm Purge ? and updating to the latest antivirus signature files, our users can depend on Antigen to automatically purge all e-mail messages carrying this potentially dangerous worm,” added Licari.

Sybari’s Antigen has consistently demonstrated its ability to protect networks and defend against e-mail viruses such as Sobig-F. Antigen includes two robust content management features: Antigen Worm Purge ? and Antigen File Filtering ? (AFF). Antigen Worm Purge ? is a proactive safeguard tool against worms burrowing into e-mail networks. Antigen Worm Purge enables network administrators to prevent the overload of virus-generated messages that can be churned out when worm viruses are unleashed in an environment. Worm Purge deletes messages containing worm viruses in their entirety and prevents new worm threats from spreading through messaging environments. AFF enables administrators to proactively filter e-mail based on several filters including subject line, attachment filename, wildcards, and file type.


E-mail Subject:
Re: That movie
Re: Wicked screensaver
Re: Your application
Re: Approved
Re: Re: My details
Re: Details
Your details
Thank you!

E-mail Body:
Please see the attached file for details.
See the attached file for details
E-mail Attachments:

W32/Sobig-F is an email worm that spreads via email and network shares.

W32/Sobig-F copies itself to the Windows folder as winppr32.exe and sets one of the following registry entries:

= winppr32.exe /sinc

The worm sends itself as an attachment to email addresses collected from various files on the victim’s computer.

More Info:

List Maintenance:

Joe Licari, Director of Product Management of Sybari Software, Inc. is available to discuss this latest worm virus, providing insight on:
· What can be done to prevent the spread of this virus
· How companies can protect themselves from viruses prior to virus definitions being available.
· What companies should do if their networks are or become infected
· What other kinds of intrusions are likely to strike corporations

Currently Sybari has not reported outbreaks among Antigen users. To protect your environment from this new variant and for information on other variants, please add the Sybari website: to your browser Favorites.

Since 1995, Sybari has led the market in providing innovative solutions that protect leading messaging and collaboration environments from viruses and security threats Today, over 8 million messaging and collaboration server users are virus and spam free, as a direct result of Sybari’s Antigen technology. Sybari’s Antigen is unsurpassed in providing protection of corporate messaging environments. Antigen’s unique architecture institutes a preemptive line of defense from viruses and malicious code. Antigen for Microsoft Exchange, Antigen for SharePoint Portal Server, and Antigen for Lotus Domino are distributed in more than 50 countries through Sybari’s worldwide locations and distribution network. Sybari is headquartered in East Northport, New York with an EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and additional offices in Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Brazil and Mexico. Sybari’s clients include, Hewlett-Packard, Con Edison, Dell, Deloitte & Touche, Eastman Chemical, Getronics, JD Power, London Underground, Lufthansa, Mayo Foundation, Merrill Lynch, Nortel, Pirelli, Reckitt Benckiser, Sony, Superdrug, Tosco, US Federal Government, and Visa. Sybari’s many strategic partners include Lotus Development (NYSE:IBM), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), Dell Computer Corporation (Nasdaq: DELL), IMLogic, Inc., Computer Associates (NYSE:CA), Hewlett-Packard (NYSE:HPQ), Kaspersky Labs, Sophos, Inc., Perot Systems Corporation (NYSE: PER) and Norman Data Defense Systems (Oslo Bors: NOR).

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