Panda Software Announces PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition

Panda Software today announced a powerful new solution for protecting computer users from malicious code, integrated with the Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server 2000: Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition.

Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition scans and disinfects inbound and outbound files using both Web (HTTP) and mail (SMTP) transports. Implemented as a Web filter and application filter, Panda Software’s antivirus solution integrates with the Web Proxy Service and Firewall Service components of ISA Server. Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition also includes an innovative content filtering module to help proactively block future new virus threats and to ease enforcement of corporate security policy of unwanted and unproductive content.

Panda PerimeterScan ISA Server Edition includes:

  • Optimum performance thanks to the use of PartFile and VirtualFile technologies.
  • Powerful SMTP scan engine able to scan and disinfect compressed and nested files at all levels.
  • Additional content filtering module for SMTP mail.
  • Additional internal security module to protect against Java applets, ActiveX Controls and potentially dangerous script.
  • Remote and centralized administration of LANs and WANs.
  • Customizable alerts and exhaustive logs.
  • Completely automatic daily updates of the Virus Signature File.

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