Pointsec Mobile Technologies and F-Secure Enters Into A Strategic Partnership

– taking Pointsec mobile security solutions one step further by including the fast growing Symbian platform and offering F-Secure Antivirus and Content protection solutions

Two of the world’s leading security software companies Pointsec Mobile Technologies and F-Secure have today announced a strategic partnership whereby Pointsec the global leader in enterprise security for mobile devices will widen its’ current product line by offering F-Secure Antivirus and Content protection solutions and acquire the FileCrypto product range from F-Secure, the leading anti-virus and content security company. The collaboration will enable Pointsec to offer companies a complete security solution for all mobile devices including laptops, handhelds and smartphones.

“F-Secure’s Anti-virus and Content protection products are a very natural extension to our device security suite as our products protect data residing on the device and now, through our partnership with F-Secure we can offer protection from attacks over the Internet. The Blaster virus and its predecessors clearly shows the need for Personal Firewall protection for any mobile user”, says Thomas Bill CEO of Protect Data AB, Pointsec’s parent company.

“Mobile devices have become business tools in daily work and the content needs to be protected the same way as in laptops and workstations. We are happy to partner with a leading mobile data protection company and offer F-Secure Anti-Virus and content protection products for mobile end-users, says Risto Siilasmaa, President and CEO of F-Secure Corporation.

The partnership will entail the transfer of all F-Secure’s FileCrypto products for Windows, Pocket PC and Symbian. The products include F-Secure(r) FileCryptoTM, F-Secure(r) FileCryptoTM for Nokia Communicator 9200, F-Secure(r) FileCryptoTM for Sony Ericsson P800, F-Secure(r) FileCryptoTM for PocketPC. As a part of this transfer Pointsec will take immediate support responsibility for all existing FileCrypto products and will integrate the products into their existing mobile solutions under the Pointsec Mobile Technologies brand.

“With this partnership we are completing a vision to protect all data residing on any mobile device through access control and encryption.” says Thomas Bill. “We can now offer our customers a state of the art solution on Symbian, one of the mobile industries fastest growing platforms for mobile devices which Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, Ericsson, Panasonic and Psion jointly own. This is in addition to the solutions we already provide for Windows, Palm and Pocket PC.”

Pointsec has recently been named as the “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for mobile data protection and has had much acclaim for its exclusive patent pending PicturePIN(tm) and QuickPIN(tm) authentication which replaces traditional alphanumeric login passwords with a memorable picture-based login code. The addition of F-Secure’s solutions for Windows based desktops and laptops, Pocket PCs and smartphones such as Nokia Communicator 9200 and Ericsson P800 will underpin Pointsec’s position as the market leader in the mobile security market.

Pointsec Mobile Technologies AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of Protect Data AB. The company develops and markets access-controlling and encrypting systems for stationary and portable computers, palmtop computers, WAP telephones, etc. Pointsec Mobile Technologies has 47 employees and offices in San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC in the USA, Cambridge in the United Kingdom, D??sseldorf in Germany and Stockholm, Falun and Sundsvall in Sweden. Visit our web site at: www.pointsec.com.

The Protect Data Group offers tailor-made IT security solutions to large companies and organizations. The company focuses on four business areas: digital identities and resource security, network security, anti-virus and content security, and consultancy services for information security. Within these areas, the company offers comprehensive IT security solutions based on aspects such as access control and encryption systems, anti-virus systems, digital sentry services, firewalls, user identification and content control, secure VPN and PKI solutions, digital signatures and systems for secure transactions. Protect Data is the market leader in its business area in the Nordic region and has subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the USA. Protect Data has approximately 100 employees and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Visit our web site at: www.protectdata.com.

F-Secure Corporation is the leading provider of centrally managed security solutions for the mobile enterprise. The company’s award-winning products include antivirus, file encryption and network security solutions for major platforms from desktops to servers and from laptops to handhelds. Founded in 1988, F-Secure has been listed on the Helsinki Exchanges since November 1999. The company is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with the North American headquarters in San Jose, California, as well as offices in Germany, Sweden, Japan and the United Kingdom and regional offices in the USA. F-Secure is supported by a network of value added resellers and distributors in over 90 countries around the globe. Through licensing and distribution agreements, the company’s security applications are available for the products of the leading handheld equipment manufacturers, such as Nokia and HP. www.F-Secure.com

Symbian – is one of the leading platforms for mobile devices and is owned by Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, Ericsson, Panasonic and Psion.

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