Avecho Winning the Fight Against Spam

avecho, the email security service, release their latest anti-spam statistics and the email subscription service is now reaching over 99.5% effectiveness and with a false positive rate of less than one in 500. Most users experience false positive rates of less than 1 in 1000.

Importantly spamCENSOR, the avecho anti-spam system, has the best quarantine system in the world, a technique not used at all by most anti-spam vendors, allowing their users to retrieve false positives with a single click.

spamCENSOR is also unique in protecting customers from outbound spam, where their servers or networks may be used without their knowledge by a hacker or an employee. Businesses are often black listed without even realising it and no anti-spam product or service offers protection in this manner.

spamCENSOR combines the best of bread technologies as well as unique methods designed by avecho to provide the most effective anti-spam service on the market.

Gay Laight of Essex eBusiness Club states

“E-mail viruses and spam were a major business headache to me. Yet since signing up for the avecho email service I can now confidently open emails without having to worry about PC infections; I no longer have to deal with spam on my machine. I can certainly recommend this service.”

Dieter Rister of Rister Kuehn

“We are a small translation company in the wilds of Wales, and communicating by e-mail is our main communication method. This makes us particularly vulnerable, as we have learned to our cost in the past when we had a virus wipe our entire network. We have been using Avecho for nearly a year, and by now I am honestly convinced that we are safe from attacks via e-mail. I don´t worry any more whether or not to open e-mail, whether to set my e-mail programme to allow previews etc. That takes a lot of agony out of working with our computers and allows us to concentrate on our work. I always found the Support Staff not only very friendly, but more importantly competent and willing to solve problems immediately. All in all, Avecho is one of those positive experiences which have become so rare nowadays. I recommend it to anyone using e-mail.”

spamCENSOR is included in the avecho.com service subscription and within this price the user also gains absolute protection from viruses and offers full archive and recovery systems for email over a seven year period.


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