Nexus Anti-Virus Breakthrough Fights “Insider’ Attacks

Nexus Secured Communications – providers of the Nexus MEMO enterprise-class business messaging system used across four Continents – has taken the fight against virus attacks to a new level with its next generation Nexus NEON solution.

Nexus NEON is the latest development of the highly successful Nexus MEMO system, which has been sold across Europe, in North and South America and in Africa and Australia. UK customers include Cadbury, Norwich Union, Co-op Bank and Thomson Holidays. The new system extends protection for companies from the traditional firewall barrier between the company and the Internet to actually operate inside the very heart of the customer network.

“It is widely known that one of the major sources of virus infection in an organisation is from within – usually unwittingly via discs, CDs and hotmail-type access, for example,” said UK-based Nexus Technical Director George Edmundson.

“Nexus NEON solves that problem by working between the individual user and the network; giving a higher level of security than was previously possible. Users of MEMO can easily upgrade to the new system without losing any of the features they currently enjoy, such as the already high security level, scalability and total cost of ownership benefits”.

Even if a virus does get into the NEON system, its unique method of storing attachments allows it fast reaction to stopping the virus. This system also allows the customer to restrict the number of people who can receive attachments, thereby statistically reducing the danger of attack.

NEON is being offered to the UK market through Nexus Secured Communications (UK) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Technology Nexus AB of Sweden.

“Nexus has a well-proven excellence in security, both in the UK and from its headquarters in Sweden and the NEON product extends that track record into today’s anti-virus battlefield we now find the messaging world in the middle of,” said Mr Edmundson.

Nexus NEON is a fully functional messaging product that includes email, calendar, address book, workflow and bulletin boards. Originally developed as MEMO on a mainframe platform, it incorporates all the mainframe’s inherent security features. This includes authentication and data storage protection using the best available industry standard packages. NEON also encrypts all stored data using internal algorithms.

Because NEON is a server-centric solution a high degree of security is available both between servers and server-to-client. Although NEON can support many thousands of users on a single server, should additional servers become necessary, the communication between them is via an internal protocol that is near-impossible to compromise.

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