ISS Introduces All-in-One Protection Products

Proventia Products Eliminate Need for Legacy, Stand-alone Security Technologies like Firewalls and Anti-virus ~

On October 14, Internet Security Systems unveiled its new Proventiaâ„? protection products at an event in Silicon Valley among global business leaders and technology visionaries, including Steve Forbes, president and CEO of Forbes, Inc.., Howard Schmidt, vice president and CISO at eBay, Richard Stiennon, vice president of research for Gartner and Matthew Kovar, director of Security Solutions & Services for The Yankee Group.

Proactively combating a variety of threats simultaneously, Proventia automatically blocks viruses, unauthorized access, network attacks, malicious code, hacker exploits and hybrid threats like SQL Slammer, Code Red and MS Blaster. Proventia is designed to perform multiple security functions with a single engine, abolishing the need for stand-alone security products like firewalls, anti-virus, content-filtering and anti-spam.

With Proventia products in place, one device protects against the full spectrum of threats so enterprises no longer have to acquire, test, certify, install, then manage and update a myriad of security devices.

Available in late November, the Proventia M50 is the first Proventia M Series appliance for protecting the gateway and the network. Proventia M Series immediately unifies anti-virus, firewall, VPN and intrusion detection and prevention capabilities. Application protection, content filtering and anti-spam will then be added as a security content update in 2004. In addition, Proventia will be extended to the server, desktop and laptop via software agents with the same protection engine as Proventia multi-function appliances.

“ISS recognized that multiple technologies were starting to converge, and is the first vendor to understand and really embrace this with the introduction of Proventia,” said Kovar. “By working towards convergence at both the network and application layers, ISS has built an environment that more effectively processes and enables services at a single point in time. I think ISS is well positioned to bring this solution to the marketplace.”

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Key Benefits of Proventia

– Higher Performance – Proventia offers unified protection against multiple threats, resulting in better performance and reduced latency. Proventia opens, analyzes/detects, blocks/allows, reassembles, routes and logs traffic in a single step, rather than sequentially.
– More Protection at a Lower Cost – Proventia unifies common management functions like command and control, discovery, visualization, correlation, deployment, reporting and workflow analysis, allowing you to protect more with less – fewer resources, fewer steps and lower costs.
– Flexibility – Proventia allows customers to select the security functions that best meet their needs. Additional capabilities can be added quickly and easily.
– Protection Against the Latest Threats – Proventia receives automatic X-Press Updateâ„? product enhancements with the latest information on threats and vulnerabilities.
– To learn more about Proventia’s all-in-one protection and to register for the Forbes and ISS “Protecting More With Less” briefings in London, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Boston, New York, Singapore and Sydney, please visit the ISS Web site at

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