OMNI Consulting Group’s Economic Appraisal Highlights Heavy Workload for Network Security: 31.7% Annual Growth Spend for Labor

WOODLAND and DAVIS, Calif. – October 28, 2003 – Captus Networks today released the economic appraisal “Intrusion to Integrity: Putting Productivity Back into the Network.” Authored by OMNI Consulting Group LLP and co-sponsored by Captus, this study points to the difficulties in controlling security investments, including escalating labor costs – growing at the rate of 31.7% annually. Combine these investments with the surge in personnel time allocated to security tasks versus network provisioning responsibilities – at a steep ratio of 3:1 – and the result is clear: businesses are losing the battle to balance security with network availability.

“The endgame of security is a network that functions to serve its users effectively and with a high degree of economic efficiency. But in light of increasing security and network disruptions amidst rising labor costs, this goal cannot be feasibly achieved. In response, enterprises are searching for the point at which business productivity and network protection converge – that convergence is Network Integrity,” said the study’s author Frank J. Bernhard, technology economist and managing principal of the Supply Chain and Telecommunications Practice at OMNI Consulting Group. “Captus’ unique policy-based, automated traffic enforcement technology and vision for Network Integrity promises to curb the drain of IT resources and deliver significant gains in business productivity.”

OMNI expands why the management of security has been in conflict with the enterprise ever since networks grew beyond the firewall. The paper further presents a quantifiable business case for enterprises to make a fundamental shift from security to network availability with less manual intervention and a higher degree of intelligent automation. An endnote of the report concludes with the finding of direct correlation between the return on investment of network integrity and management goals. “When the network falls down, so does the business objective,” cites Bernhard.

The scope of research for this paper applies real-world data from network environments of nearly all types – corporate LANs, WANs, MANs, and mobile IP configurations. Results incorporate the latest economic data pertinent to the network operations of diverse organizations around the world, queried from OMNI Consulting Group’s data repository entitled “Network Economics Study (1999-2003).”

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