Nasstar Deploys Mirapoint Secure Message Networks Infrastructure

Leading business ISP selects Mirapoint messaging system for ‘greenfield’ installation

Mirapoint, a leading provider of message networks for the service provider, enterprise, education, and government markets, has announced that business ISP Nasstar has successfully deployed a completely new Mirapoint-based email infrastructure, including Mirapoint’s ‘Full-Spectrum’ secure messaging technology. This installation guarantees that Nasstar’s customers receive business-grade email services, including anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-hacking protection.

Nasstar’s investment in the Mirapoint infrastructure, worth in excess of $150,000, enables them to handle over four million messages a day. This is a ‘greenfield’ installation, with Mirapoint’s multi-layered ‘Full-Spectrum’ message networks system replacing Nasstar’s previously outsourced solution.

“Having previously outsourced our email services, it soon became clear that we could no longer rely on a third party to provide the level of service and features that our customers required,” said Charles Black, CEO at Nasstar. “The explosion of viruses and junk email means it is now imperative to have effective protection for your inbox. Demand for spam and virus protection, as well as new services such as email access on mobile devices, led us to Mirapoint’s appliance-based solution, which we consider to be the ‘Rolls Royce’ of messaging systems.”

Today, email is recognised as a utility and is one of Nasstar’s core business services. The Mirapoint installation enables Nasstar to standardise its mail service on a single platform for ease of management and provide either SMTP feeds to filter out viruses and spam for customers with in-house mail servers, or provide outsourced email services including POP3, webmail and hosted IMAP email accounts for customers who do not have their own in-house mail server.

“Many of our SME customers don’t have the time or resources to manage their own mail server,” continued Black. “For these customers, our hosted email solution, which allows businesses to outsource their mail server requirements to us, makes very good sense. Mirapoint’s IMAP solution is ideal for this – customers can access their email from any number of clients at any time, including via webmail or mobile devices, and all of the anti-virus and anti-spam protection is built in.”

“Mirapoint’s IMAP solution can be deployed by Nasstar for a fraction of the cost of a business either purchasing and managing its own Microsoft Exchange server, or purchasing an outsourced Exchange solution,” added Black. “This is a highly attractive offer for a SME seeking a more robust email solution than the kind of simple POP3 or email forwarding service that probably came packaged with a hosting or domain name service.”

Nassstar has implemented Mirapoint’s Message Director MD400 and Message Server M400 dedicated messaging systems. The Message Server M400 provides an end-to-end infrastructure for secure and reliable message storage and access. The Message Director MD400 works with any Internet messaging environment to provide scalable routing services. Both products incorporate Mirapoint’s ‘Full-Spectrum’ secure messaging technology, a fully integrated and comprehensive anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-hacking protection suite.

“As well as acquiring the best messaging solution on the market, we are also benefiting from Mirapoint’s commitment to the ongoing development of new features for its products,” concluded Black. “These are features we can pass on to our customers and ultimately increase customer satisfaction and revenues. This was an essential component in our decision to choose this product.”

“Now more than ever, business ISPs need to be able to offer highly sophisticated email systems that are robust, easily compliant with corporate legislation and capable of protecting companies of any size against email-borne threats such as junk mail and viruses,” said Nigel Brooke, EMEA vice president of Mirapoint. “Mirapoint’s solutions are the foundation on which Nasstar’s ability to deliver a raft of business targeted email services is built.”

About Nasstar
Nasstar is a business ISP which provides businesses with a single source for their technology requirements, including broadband, email, web sites, software, hosting, back-up and networks. Nasstar’s email infrastructure, powered by Mirapoint, enables it to offer the SME market a complete outsourced email solution including anti-virus and anti-spam, back-up and anytime/anywhere access to email. Nasstar’s Mirapoint infrastructure can also protect businesses with their own mail server from viruses and spam by providing an SMTP filter. As well as email and web sites, Nasstar hosts a number of other core business applications such as Content Management Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and bespoke applications. The principal of the application portal, a central gateway through which a business can access all of its core technology requirements, is at the centre of Nasstar’s service provision. Nasstar was founded in late 1997 and is based in London. The Company has resellers in the United Kingdom, Denmark and Spain.

About Mirapoint
Mirapoint(r) is a leader in solutions for message networks used by service provider, enterprise, education and government institutions. Customers use Mirapoint solutions to build message networks that intelligently route, store, access and manage Internet messages, including email. Mirapoint is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. The company has more than 600 customers worldwide. For more information on Mirapoint, please visit its Web site at

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