Borderware Announces SteelGate Firewall & VPN Appliance

BorderWare Technologies Inc. released yet another security appliance in a relatively short time. After MXtreme Mail Firewall 3.0 and NameVault DNS Server 3.0 have seen their premiers within the past 45 days, today BorderWare announced the release of SteelGate Firewall + VPN Appliance. The appliance is built upon BorderWare Firewall Server software and also integrates IPSec VPN functionality with powerful systems management and reporting capabilities.

SteelGate Firewall + VPN Appliance will be available through BorderWare’s reseller network within the next two weeks. It comes in three models: SG-200, SG-400 and SG-800 with prices ranging from U.S.$8625.00 to U.S.$36,500.00.

Product’s technical overview sheet mentiones the following notable features:

Flexible Traffic Management and High Performance
SteelGate provides a wide range of pre-defined proxies (HTTP, SQL, PPTP, etc.) that support all essential internet services. SteelGate provides packet level stateful inspection for maximum performance, and full application level proxy services for maximum security. SteelGate supports up to 500,000 concurrent sessions and through-put up to 500 Mbps.

SteelGate fully integrates an advanced IPSec VPN server, delivering a secure platform for all remote access requirements. Compatible with other IPSec implementations, popular PKI products and strong authentication tokens, the IPSec server is easily deployed for full server-server and client-server VPN connectivity. The IPSec VPN client runs on all Windows workstations, includes firewall capability and NAT traversal for use behind other NAT devices.

SteelGate is easily managed through its Windows-based GUI client that includes intuitive controls and wizards, making configuration and maintenance possible for even non-technical users. Two or more systems can be managed from the same interface, with synchronized settings for policy-based configuration.

SteelGate includes the InsideOut Reporter, which reads SteelGate logs to generate real-time or historic reports of all activity through the firewall. The reports enable administrators to easily monitor user activity or diagnose network issues.

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