Spirent Communications Selects Sniffer Technologies From Network Associates To Expand Network Performance Testing Options For The Enterprise

Spirent Communicationsâ„? (NYSE: SPM; LSE: SPT), a worldwide provider of integrated performance analysis and service assurance systems for next-generation network technologies, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Network Associates® (NYSE: NET), the leading provider of intrusion prevention solutions, to offer the Netasystâ„? network analyzer solution along with Spirent’s award-winning Avalanche product line.

The combination of the two products creates an innovative, cost-effective solution for testing application and network infrastructures in the lab, and enables network managers to gain greater insight into their production network’s performance. The Netasyst network analyzer will be made available to Avalanche Enterprise customers for an additional fee.

“The Sniffer® Technologies division is pleased to be working with Spirent to bring our leading-edge solutions to their existing and future customers. The combined Avalanche and Netasyst solution will provide added value to enterprise customers who are looking for a best-of-breed network performance solution to monitor, troubleshoot and secure their corporate networks,” said Christopher Thompson, vice president of marketing for the Sniffer Technologies division of Network Associates. “In addition to the Netasyst network analyzer’s ability to decode the major network protocols used today, enterprises will now be able to replay traffic in their lab to test application and network infrastructures.”

Enterprises can capture network traffic with the Netasyst solution, and then replay the captured transactions at high volumes using Avalanche’s replay functionality. The solution combines Avalanche’s ability to simulate real-world user behavior and network conditions, with the Netasyst network analyzer’s protocol analysis and fault isolation capabilities.

“In addition to Avalanche’s ability to accurately simulate user and network realism in the lab, we’ve now added the ability to replay live traffic captured in the production network to help evaluate new network devices and applications prior to deployment,” said Alan Newman, director of product marketing, application and Web services testing at Spirent Communications. “By partnering with Sniffer Technologies, and combining Avalanche with the Netasyst network analyzer solution, we are able to provide Enterprises a compelling offering, and look forward to continuing to partner with Sniffer Technologies to solve market needs.”

The standard LAN Netasyst network analyzer, delivered on a CD-ROM, will be available to Avalanche customers within 30 days.

About Spirent’s Avalanche Product Line
Avalanche is designed for Enterprises that demand absolute realism and control under all conditions. Avalanche challenges any computing infrastructure’s ability to stand up to the load and complexity of the real world. Avalanche supports HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1, HTTPS, RTSP/RTP (Apple QuickTime®), RealSystem® streaming, Microsoft®Windows Media® 8 and 9 Series, SMTP, POP3, DNS, Telnet and FTP. In addition, Avalanche can generate Distributed Denial of Service attack traffic inline with any mix of multi-protocol traffic. Many leading corporations use Avalanche to ensure that their products and services excel in real-world conditions. Real-world conditions are accurately replicated by simulating network error conditions and realistic user behavior. Current customers include AT&T, BEA, Cable & Wireless, Cisco Systems, CNET, Deutsche Bank, eBay, Extreme Networks, F5 Networks, Forbes.com, Foundry Networks, Intuit, MSNBC, Network Appliance, NetScreen, Nortel Networks, NTT DATA, SBC Communications, and WatchGuard. http://www.spirentcom.com/enterprise

About Spirent Communications

Spirent Communications is a worldwide provider of integrated performance analysis and service assurance systems for next-generation network technologies. Spirent’s solutions accelerate the profitable development and deployment of network equipment and services by emulating real-world conditions in the lab and assuring end-to-end performance of large-scale networks. www.spirentcom.com.

Spirent Communications is a wholly owned business group of Spirent plc, an international network technology company. Spirent plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (ticker: SPT). The company is also listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker: SPM; CUSIP number: 84856M209). www.spirent.com.

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