KaVaDo Chosen as Spearhead Technologies’ Exclusive OEM Partner For Web Application Protection

London, UK – November 17, 2003 – KaVaDo Inc., the technology leader in Web Application Protection, today announced SpearHead Technologies has integrated KaVaDo’s Web application firewall product, InterDo, as the exclusive Web Application Protection Module of SpearHead’s flagship product NetGAP(tm). The integration of the two products gives customers the benefits of NetGAP’s network layer protection and InterDo’s Web application protection in one product suite.

The NetGAP(tm) security appliance provides a preventive infrastructure that nullifies the substantial threat of hacker attacks on network services and operating systems by physically disconnecting front-line servers while keeping them online. The Web Application Protection module of NetGAP, based on KaVaDo’s award-winning InterDo Web application firewall, adds protection against both known and unknown application layer attacks without degrading performance.

“With over 100 customer installations, driven by a unique product that addresses real customer issues, KaVaDo is an ideal partner for us.” said Buki Carmeli, CEO and founder of SpearHead. “Sophisticated customers are demanding a more integrated approach to security, one that spans both the network and application layer. We integrated KaVaDo’s application layer firewall technology with NetGAP(tm) to enable enhanced security policies, and offer our customers a more complete solution.”

With the integration of the Web Application Protection module, NetGAP(tm) extends its protection to the application layer, performing in-depth inspection of Web application requests and parameters. The product suite prevents the top Web application attacks as defined by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) including buffer overflow, parameter tampering, cookie poisoning and SQL Injection.

“By providing a strong prevention solution for servers exposed to public or unsecured networks, the NetGAP(tm) solution offers a superior platform for the InterDo product.” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Co-Founder and CTO of KaVaDo. “We look forward to working with SpearHead in their target markets, which include the military and government sectors, to provide a solution that halts data theft, fraud, Web defacement, and downtime resulting from attacks that exploit Web application vulnerabilities.”

About SpearHead Technologies, Ltd.
Founded in 1998, SpearHead Technologies, Ltd. is the developer of Reflective Gap technology, which creates a wire-speed disconnection between front-line servers and external networks. Its flagship product, NetGAP, is a preventive infrastructure that nullifies the substantial threat of hacker attacks on network services and operating systems, by removing the environment in which these threats arise. SpearHead’s security devices prevent malicious use of electronic assets, helping organizations reap the benefits of global communications. For more information on SpearHead please see HTTP://WWW.SPEARHEADSECURITY.COM

About KaVaDo, Inc.
KaVaDo provides next-generation Web Application Protection and assessment solutions for the corporate market using its patent-pending Protected Path(tm) technology. These solutions account for the various types of threats against Web applications and allow users to apply the necessary protection against potential threats, known and unknown. KaVaDo offers a unique, effective approach to Web Application Protection with minimum strain on system resources, easy installation and management, and flexibility to handle any applications under various environments.

The company is based in New York with international research and development, sales and support facilities. KaVaDo has secured funding from Banc of America Equity Partners, Neurone Ventures, Pequot Ventures and 3i. More information on the company can be found at http://www.KaVaDo.com.

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