CryptoHeaven Announces the Release of Version 2.3

CryptoHeaven announced today the release of CryptoHeaven v2.3, a unique secure online collaboration service. The new version demonstrates CryptoHeaven’s commitment to the continued improvement of its online service targeted at small- and mid-sized businesses.

CryptoHeaven provides secure email, secure instant messaging, secure online storage and secure file sharing service, making it easy for even the smallest business to communicate securely over the Internet. Sensitive information and documents of any size including drawings, blueprints, pictures and text files can be shared or transmitted instantly, even stored in cyberspace, without compromising security.

Transmitting documents via the Internet using CryptoHeaven is safer, easier and less expensive than sending documents via overnight express – and the data exchange is instantaneous anywhere in the world. CryptoHeaven manages everything, including storage and backup, for a moderate fee.

CryptoHeaven’s encryption technology ensures that malicious programs never automatically spread through CryptoHeaven. Encrypted address books cannot be exploited by computer viruses and worms.

CryptoHeaven is targeted at healthcare, legal, financial and a number of other industries that clearly benefit from a low-cost, easy-to-use secure Internet communication solution. CryptoHeaven enables a rapid deployment of a single communication system for individuals and groups working together through the Internet. Most work groups can be online in 15 minutes or less; no administrative burdens are required.

CryptoHeaven software requires no special hardware. All that’s needed is Internet access and a computer. There is no complex training. Anyone capable of using a Web browser can begin using CryptoHeaven immediately. Everyone in the data loop, including clients and staff, can access CryptoHeaven from anywhere in the world using the Internet.

CryptoHeaven’s online services can be sampled via free download (

CryptoHeaven Development Team is an Internet Privacy and Security group. The company’s flagship service, CryptoHeaven allows businesses and individuals to engage in secure data communication over the Internet.

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