GFI Slashes Prices for Gateway Content Security and Anti-Virus Software by Over 75%

London, UK, 2 December 2003 – GFI has just made anti- virus and content security affordable to any company. Traditionally, gateway level content security and anti-virus is quite expensive. GFI’s across-the-board price reductions are about to change this. Companies can now purchase GFI MailSecurity mail gateway/server protection – with multiple-engine virus scanning, exploit checking, Trojan detection and more – for as little as $895 for a 100-user network. GFI has also reduced the pricing of its GFI DownloadSecurity software, which protects a company from potentially malicious or virus-infected downloads at just $895 for a 100-user version.

“Our new pricing is so competitive that even companies that already use anti-virus protection at mail server level can now afford to have the added protection of another security vendor at their gateway,” said Nick Galea, CEO of GFI. “In addition, with the new pricing structure, GFI MailSecurity and GFI DownloadSecurity are in a better position to compete with the bundled gateway offerings of anti-virus vendors.”

Deciding whether to install email content security and anti-virus is a “no-brainer”. The key decision lies in finding one that gives the best possible protection at the lowest price. GFI MailSecurity uses multiple anti-virus engines for the best protection; information on how multiple anti-virus engines at mail server/gateway level improve network security is available in this GFI white paper:

The unlimited user GFI MailSecurity version used to cost US$15,000; this price has now been reduced by 77% to US$3,495. For more price decrease examples, see the table at

About GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP

GFI MailSecurity for Exchange/SMTP is an email content security product that uses multiple anti-virus engines, exploit detection, an HTML threats engine, a Trojan and executable analyzer, and content and attachment checking to scan incoming and outgoing email for viruses, exploits and attacks. More information and a free trial version are available at

Unique benefits of GFI MailSecurity compared to other email content security/anti-virus products

* Multiple virus engines – to guarantee a higher detection rate and faster response to new viruses (includes Kaspersky, McAfee, Norman and BitDefender)
* Email content and attachment checking – to quarantine dangerous attachments and content
* Exploit shield – to protect against present and future viruses based on exploits (e.g., Nimda, Bugbear)
* HTML threats engine – to disable HTML scripts Trojan & Executable Scanner – to detect malicious executables
* Supports scanning both at mail server level using VS API and at the gateway as a mail relay
* Industry’s most competitive pricing, with per server price between $275 and $3495.

About GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server

GFI DownloadSecurity for ISA Server enables administrators to assert control over what files users download from HTTP and FTP sites, and content checks all downloads for malicious content and viruses. GFI DownloadSecurity includes multi anti-virus engines, to guarantee higher detection rate and faster response to new viruses; the ability to quarantine downloads based on file type and user; a Trojan & Executable Scanner, to detect malicious executables; network-wide blocking of Java applets and ActiveX controls; seamless integration with Microsoft ISA Server; and more. More product information and the freeware version can be found at

About GFI

GFI is a leading provider of Windows-based network security, content security and messaging software. Key products include the GFI FAXmaker fax connector for Exchange and fax server for networks; GFI MailSecurity email content/exploit checking and anti-virus software; GFI MailEssentials server-based anti-spam software; GFI LANguard Network Security Scanner (N.S.S.), security scanning and patch management software; and GFI LANguard Security Event Log Monitor (S.E.L.M.) that performs event log based intrusion detection and network-wide event log management. Clients include Microsoft, Telstra, Time Warner Cable, Shell Oil Lubricants, NASA, DHL, Caterpillar, BMW, the US IRS, and the USAF. GFI has six offices in the US, UK, Germany, France, Australia and Malta, and has a worldwide network of distributors. GFI is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has won the Microsoft Fusion (GEM) Packaged Application Partner of the Year award.

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