Sigaba Wins Accolades For Secure Mission-Critical War Communications Solution In JWID 2003 Trial

San Mateo, CA — December 2, 2003 — The U. S. Department of Defense and its international coalition partners have named PKI Express from Secure Data in Motionâ„?, dba Sigaba a mission-critical, strategic secure communications technology that is ready for rapid deployment.

The breakthrough PKI Express technology solution played a major role in the Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (JWID) 2003. It solves one of the international coalition’s greatest challenges: how to improve information sharing given the multiple levels of security and different combinations of access specified among nations. In the demonstration, PKI Express proved its ability to help coalition warfighters:

– Communicate with signed and encrypted e-mail while enabling independent national authentication mechanisms
– Establish dynamic backbones of trust without administrative burden
– Enforce revoked credentials, and track and audit messaging system use

“PKI Express uses next-generation messaging technology to meet the interoperability and protected messaging needs of the coalition warfighter,” states the JWID 2003 final report.

In war situations, mission-critical classified communications depend on strong security and seamless interoperability that takes into account the autonomy of coalition partners. The Multinational Task Force—which included participation by the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Norway—used PKI Express to exchange secure messages, such as ballistic missile alerts, intelligence alerts and information on other potential threats, with coalition members. The participating countries were able to use their own PKI or other identity management implementation with PKI Express, which provided all the robust benefits while enabling each country to maintain complete independent control over their own environments.

Warfighters who participated in the trial commented that PKI Express “provides a measure of data security not currently available,” and is “a needed and workable tool.” The final report concluded that “PKI Express, in its current configuration, should be used as part of a SMTP core service, enabling greater security and auditability.”

Using its federated authentication architecture, Sigaba tied together message traffic from land-based and maritime units from six countries. PKI Express showed its true potential and value in various scenarios, especially those that required the ability to revoke credentials from field forces that may have been compromised.

“In one event in the simulation, an army brigade used PKI Express to issue a secure call for fire when they encountered enemy forces,” said Sharyn Pensmith, vice president of Federal Systems, Sigaba. “Later, a non-secure call for fire was issued from that location, but intelligence showed that their position was overrun. We were able to quickly determine that the sender was a rogue force, and they were unable to securely communicate even though they were in possession of the laptops of the overrun forces.”

Relating the value of PKI Express as a security solution for other agencies and organizations, the JWID final report noted the following:

– Strong, secure messaging over wired and wireless environments
– Seamless interoperability; agnostic authentication
– Each entity maintains complete independent control
– Impressive level of auditability
– Flawless operation
– Completely successful revocation scenarios
– Very easy to use, easy to setup and easy to manage
– Security is invisible to users and observers
– Marked improvement over current authentication methods

The report concludes that PKI Express is a mature, proven, viable and effective solution that met all its stated objectives, and that it would be a valuable core service for secure e-mail.
The Joint Warfare Interoperability Demonstration (JWID) is an annual event, sponsored by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that enables U.S. Combatant Commanders, national civil authorities and the international community to investigate new and emerging technologies in a simulated warfighting environment. See for more information.

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