Panda Software and Europe Online (EOL) Team Up Against Viruses and Intruders

Panda Software and Europe Online (EOL) have formed a key alliance which will give all the users of the premiere satellite broadband provider an exclusive antivirus channel and let them benefit from the protection offered by Panda Software’s solutions for home users, businesses and professionals. Candace Johnson, President of EOL explains, “Today it is more important than ever to take the right security measures to protect IT resources. For this reason, our alliance with Panda Software will allow us to offer visitors to our portal the added-value of quality tools and solutions for protecting against viruses and intruders.”

Thanks to the agreement between the two companies, users of Europe Online (EOL) will able to download, free of charge and with one month’s renewable services, the following Panda Software solutions:

– Titanium Antivirus 2004, which not only defends against viruses, but also includes systems to protect against other threats to computer security like dialers, jokes, hoaxes, hacking tools, etc.

– Platinum Internet Security, which integrates additional protection systems including a personal firewall, spam blocker, and a system for protecting against spyware dropped onto users’ computers without their consent.

– Panda Antivirus Platinum 7.0, which includes the most advanced personal firewall technology to offer complete protection against one of the greatest dangers on the Internet: hackers. Similarly, this solution eliminates all types of viruses and malicious code, even unknown variants, and updates itself automatically at least once a day.

In addition to these solutions, Europe Online (EOL) users will have access to a dedicated antivirus channel with a range of Panda Software’s most practical tools including:

– The Panda Virusometer, which indicates the risk of any computer being infected by a virus and the extent of the potential damage.

– The Panda Software interactive Virus Map, a real-time graphic display of the impact of viruses in geographic regions around the world.

– Panda Quick Remover repair utilities, designed to eliminate viruses and repair the damage they cause to users’ computers.

– Panda Virus News, provides the most up-to-date news on the latest and most active viruses.

– Top Viruses, is a tool that provides a ranking of the most dangerous viruses around the world at any given moment.

– Panda ActiveScan, an online scanner that will detect and eliminate viruses on-demand from any computer across the Internet.

This agreement with Europe Online (EOL) forms part of Panda Software’s short to mid-term strategic expansion plan by increasing the company’s Internet presence. “This strategic alliance will allow us to take yet another step toward our goal of helping all users to protect their computers and continue in our quest to rid the planet of viruses”, highlights José Mar?­a Hern??ndez, VP International Expansion at Panda Software.

About Europe Online (EOL)

Europe Online (EOL) () is an established provider of broadband Internet via satellite using the Eutelsat satellite transponders to provide users throughout Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caucuses instant Satellite DSL Broadband.

EOL clients have access to a wide range of services including: digital TV, high-speed downloads of games, music and software as well as on-demand video and offline e-mail services. The wide coverage offered by Eutelsat facilitates access to these services across Europe.

About Panda Software

Panda Software (), a world leader in virus and intrusion prevention, offers unrivalled proactive security solutions for all types of users, from the largest corporations through small and medium-sized companies to home users. Its corporate products offer hassle-free automatic and centralized administration and provide network-wide protection, via multi-layer security technology, to ensure uniform protection across the enterprise, from remote users and workstations to mail gateways and internal and perimeter servers. Panda Software’s solutions have received awards and quality certifications from the sector’s most widely-respected organizations, including ICSA Labs and Checkmark and its commitment to customer service, innovative products, and the pioneering concept of 24h-365d tech support have revolutionized the IT security industry.

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