Symmetricom Announces Domain Time II Audit Server

Santa Rosa, CA – December 9, 2003 – Symmetricom (Nasdaq: SYMM), a leading worldwide supplier of atomic clocks and network synchronization and timing solutions, today announced the introduction of its Domain Time II Audit Server software. Specifically designed for companies that must comply with federal or industry-specific regulations, this audit collection system reduces the potential for fraud by automatically establishing transaction validity in enterprise environments.

Domain Time II Audit Server is a system designed to work in conjunction with Symmetricom’s Domain Time II time synchronization suite to provide a secure, verifiable audit trail of the time synchronization of mission-critical networks. By automatically and routinely auditing the time synchronization accuracy of every computer on a network, Domain Time II Audit Server provides the clear, indisputable records needed to easily resolve any contested timestamp issue that may arise.

“Domain Time II Audit Server provides all types of organizations and their stakeholders with the needed confidence that the original time of their digital communication records can be proven accurate today and tomorrow,” commented Trent Henry, security analyst for the Burton Group. “Having a strong record of when an enterprise’s time was synchronized and with what time source contributes to the integrity of a digital audit trail within an enterprise.”

Federal regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), as well as major securities organizations like NASDAQ and their system named OATS (Order Audit Trail System), have regulations that require rigorous audit collection and verification to prevent fraud and to establish the validity of transactions.

The audit records collected by Symmetricom’s Domain II Audit Server include complete information to allow auditors to determine precisely when a machine was last synchronized, with what time source, as well as its variance from the reference time source. Full time audit records can be collected and maintained from any machine running Domain Time II time sync components on Microsoft Windows (Nasdaq:MSFT), Sun Solaris (Nasdaq:SUNW), FreeBSD and Redhat Linux (Nasdaq:RHAT) platforms. In addition, Audit Server can collect information from Network Time Product Protocol sources (such as time servers, routers, national time authorities, etc.) so that all time devices used in synchronization are tracked.

“With regard to complying with regulations, the integrity of an IT network’s time source is critical,” commented Paul Skoog, Symmetricom’s IP network timing product marketing manager. “The Audit Server integrates perfectly with the Domain Time II time synchronization suite which connects securely to a trusted network time source, such as a Symmetricom dedicated GPS referenced network time server. This system integration meets or exceeds regulatory requirements for time keeping, while keeping the audit process relatively painless and with very low-overhead.”

Pricing & Availability

Domain Time II Audit Server is available immediately to customers running Domain Time II Servers, and Clients and designated NTP sources. The cost of a license is $3,995.

About Symmetricom’s Timing, Test and Measurement Division

Symmetricom’s Timing, Test and Measurement Division was established in October, 2002 following Symmetricom’s merger with TrueTime, Inc and Datum, Inc. This Division, with headquarters in Santa Rosa, CA, designs and manufactures precision time and frequency products for synchronizing today’s complex computer, communications, and instrumentation systems. For more information, visit

About Symmetricom Incorporated

Symmetricom is the leading worldwide supplier of atomic clocks and network synchronization and timing solutions. The company designs, manufactures, markets and provides services for products used in wireline and wireless network synchronization; space, defense and avionics systems; enterprise networks; as well as G.shdsl-based broadband networks in telecom, government and enterprise markets. Symmetricom is based in San Jose, Calif., with offices worldwide. For more information, visit

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