TrustSight Security Scanner Declared CVE-Compatible

Jan. 5, 2004 — Syhunt has declared today that its application security scanner, TrustSightT Security Scanner, will be CVE-compatible. Syhunt is one of the few companies in Brazil that have declared support for the CVE vulnerability naming standard, and the company maintains the security database that keeps vulnerabilities from being exposed. Moniz’s vulnerability assessment technology, now called TrustSightT, is a leading technology in the field of web application security and network security.

Robert Martin, CVE Compatibility Lead at the MITRE Corporation, says the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Initiative has grown into an international, community-based effort involving industry, government, and academia, that is is transforming the way enterprises deal with vulnerabilities in their infrastructure and systems.

“The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) Initiative, which started with 600 vulnerabilities and 19 security organizations, now includes over 6,400 uniquely named vulnerabilities and more than 200 organizations incorporating CVE names into almost 300 information security products and services,” Martin says. “It is making it possible for developers, security practitioners, and systems owners to transform their security practices and make enterprise management of information security vulnerabilities less of an art and more of an engineered practice.”

For additional information about CVE-compatible products, visit the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures page at:

Smart Web Security Scanner

TrustSightT is one of the most powerful programs in the world in its role as a web security scanner, where it provides information to companies such as British Petroleum, Ernst & Young, IBM and Sun Microsystems through a wide array of scanning techniques and a vast database of vulnerabilities, including the SANS/FBI Top 20 and the new SANS/FBI Top 20 V2.6 vulnerabilities.

Moniz’s vulnerability assessment technology made it online debut helping organizations to plan and provide appropriate network and software security measures to protect the web’s infrastructure, and it eventually became more professional. When the professional version was completed, the software continued as a commercial product through Hideaway.Net and dealers.

The product became more and more interesting and useful as personal computers and the Internet became more prevalent in every day life and has emerged as the premiere HTTP security scanning tool and log analysis tool in the world. Many experts similarly believe that it is the best product of its type on the market that is available for web server protection. If it is on a computer, chances are TrustSight can hack into it.

As a web security scanner, TrustSight is a specific product for web servers, and better updated than the network security scanners when it starts to find things out. It has made web scanning into a easier task, and is still a CVE-compatible product.

About Syhunt

Syhunt is a leader in web application security and the development of network defense systems, that monitors the activities of Internet groups from its lab. Syhunt teams for the last couple of years has been a supplier of intelligence and information to many of the largest corporate enterprises.

Syhunt is highly regarded in its field. The company’s software is used by thousands of organizations worldwide. These include such companies as British Petroleum, Ernst & Young, IBM and Sun Microsystems. The company have its own high-end technologies to coordinate and dispense vital updates among the companies.

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