Paraglyph Press Announces New Edition of Bestselling Guide on Scripting for Windows Administrators

Scottsdale AZ – One of the key challenges for Windows system administrators is how to automate daily tasks that are performed over and over again. With the publication of its latest book, Paraglyph Press provides a new edition of one of its bestselling books, “Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book, 2nd Edition” (U.S. $29.99, 464 pp, ISBN 1-932111-875).

Written by Jesse M. Torres, an MCSE and well-known IT consultant and technical writer, “Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book, 2nd Edition” helps users quickly create powerful scripts that can be used every day for a host of activities. The book shows users how to perform Windows management and administrative tasks using scripts for just about every important task imaginable. (The author’s website,, also includes the scripts included in the book, which may be copied and customized by the reader.) Some of the important tasks that can be automated using scripts include: log-on tasks, inventory input, file modifications, software installations, and system updates. Key scripting topics include manipulating the Windows XP file system, using powerful third-party scripting tools, creating scripts for installing service packs and new software, automating applications from the command line, and performing Windows 2003 administrative tasks.

This new edition covers Windows 2003 Server and Windows XP, scripting Norton Antivirus, automating applications through Send-Keys, scripting a silent Windows XP service pack, exporting e-mail attachment in Microsoft Outlook, and much more. The author uses the latest scripting language and tools, including shell scripting, Kixtart, Windows Script Host, VBA and AutoIT. The book includes a new and highly useful tutorial on scripting languages and tools. It also teaches users how to quickly write complex log-on scripts (without requiring expertise in programming).

Keith Weiskamp, President of Paraglyph Press, says: “Through scripting, anything from general maintenance to emergency repair can be performed on every computer in a network, saving time and improving consistency and accuracy. The majority of administrators and Windows power users actively write and use scripts – and the best thing about ‘Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book’ is that Jesse shows you that you don’t have to be a programmer to write and use these time-saving scripts.”

About Paraglyph Press

Paraglyph Press was founded in May 2002 by publishing entrepreneurs Keith Weiskamp and Jeff Duntemann, along with publishing executives Steven Sayre and Cynthia Caldwell. Paraglyph publishes books for computer users and professionals on such topics as web design, game programming and development, and wireless and emerging technologies. Some of its best-selling titles are “Game Coding Complete,” “Jeff Duntemann’s Drive-By Wi-Fi Guide,” and “Looking Good in Print.” For more information about the company, visit its web site at

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