Mindreef Announces Availability of SOAPscope 3.0 Web Services Diagnostics System with Microsoft Visual Studio .Net Integration

Hollis, NH January 16, 2003 — Mindreef, Inc. announced today the availability of Mindreef SOAPscope 3.0, the first Web Services Diagnostics System to include lifecycle interoperability testing and troubleshooting throughout the development, deployment and support of a Web service. This new release also offers many additional features including Microsoft Visual Studio .NET integration and the ability to graphically query message logs to quickly pinpoint performance bottlenecks and other problems.

“Today, IT organizations are building Web services assuming that they will be interoperable with many different systems in the future. The reality we face is that Web services interoperability is not easy to achieve,” said Jim Moskun, a Mindreef founder. “To most effectively produce interoperable clients and services, organizations must diligently test during the entire application lifecycle. SOAPscope 3.0’s interactive analysis makes it easy for developers, testers and field troubleshooters to continuously check for interoperability problems.”

New message analysis and WS-I Testing Tools integration, combined with WSDL analysis that was released in version 2.0, completes SOAPscope’s Web services interoperability solution. WSDL and message analysis give developers, testers and support personnel the ability to quickly detect and solve Web services interoperability issues throughout an application’s lifecycle by highlighting the exact part of a message or WSDL that is invalid and providing a detailed, understandable description of each problem. In addition to its built-in interoperability checking, SOAPscope also integrates and radically simplifies the use of the WS-I Java- and C#-based tools.

“SOAPscope 3.0 has taken a tremendous leap forward. As a beta tester it has saved me hours on diagnosing interoperability problems with outside arties,” says Dave Bettin, a .NET developer with a Fortune 500 company in Omaha. “The Visual Studio .NET integration is especially well done. I can now seamlessly go from debugging code to debugging SOAP messages without leaving the IDE.”

“We invented SOAP to make network protocols as transparent as possible to the average developer,” says Don Box, XML Messaging Architect, Microsoft and co-inventor of SOAP. “SOAPscope 3.0 with Visual Studio .NET integration takes that idea to its logical conclusion by giving developers visibility into their SOAP-based protocols directly from their development environment. I’m hooked.”

Mindreef SOAPscope 3.0

SOAPscope 3.0 is a platform independent Web services diagnostics system for examining, debugging, testing and tuning Web services. New features include:

– SOAP Message Analysis: SOAPscope checks SOAP messages for proper formatting and conformance to the SOAP specifications, the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0, and the applicable WSDL file.
– WS-I Test Tool Integration: The easiest way to use the WS-I Testing Tools; simply select a WSDL and one or more messages from SOAPscope’s database, click a button, and SOAPscope generates a WS-I Testing Tools “Profile Compliance” report to view, print, or save.
– Visual Studio .NET Integration: SOAPscope features are intelligently integrated into the IDE, enabling the developer to move seamlessly between code and message perspectives.
– Graphical Performance Analysis: Graphically visualize and query message logs to easily drill down or find outlying messages based on response time, message size or faults.
– Advanced HTTP Support: Support for Secure Messaging and Other Advanced HTTP Features including SSL/TLS, Basic Authentication and Compression (gzip/deflate).

Mindreef SOAPscope 3.0 is priced at $99 for a one year subscription that includes support and all major and minor upgrades. SOAPscope 3.0 is available immediately for download at www.mindreef.com.

About Mindreef

Mindreef is delivering the industry’s first comprehensive Web Services Diagnostics system, enabling application developers, service developers, testers and support staff to address the problem-solving challenges of distributed applications. Mindreef is a private company, venture backed by Kodiak Venture Partners. For more information, visit www.mindreef.com.

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