The Release Of Informer Evasion Gateway 1.0

The Informer Evasion Gateway is an easy to use network gateway running on Microsoft Windows capable of applying specific or layered evasion techniques to network traffic passing through it. By applying these evasion techniques to network traffic security applications and network devices can be tested on their ability to process traffic that has been altered to disguise or bypass defenses.

The Informer Evasion Gateway is available as a standalone application or can be used in conjunction with attack traffic generated by IDS Informer or network protocol traffic generated by Firewall Informer.

Evasion techniques, which can be applied to traffic passing through the Informer Evasion Gateway, include:

* Packet fragmentation in 8 to 1512 byte increments
* Null fragment insertion, before original packet or after original packet
* Fragments sent out of sequence
* Fragmentation override
* Multiple HTTP evasion
* Layered techniques, multiple types of evasion applied at the same time.

By using the Informer Evasion Gateway, companies can enhance their existing assessment of any network based device and its ability to detect and process malformed traffic from gateways to routers and even to the web server itself.

Brian Laing CTO at Blade states ” hackers are able to use evasion techniques to try to circumvent security defenses and to disguise their activity, now we are giving end users the ability to easily test their security applications ability to detect these techniques. The Informer Evasion Gateway allows Windows users to easily perform tasks which where purely available in the Unix world”.

The Informer Evasion Gateway is available in the following licenses, Weekly, Annual or Perpetual.

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