Sophos Beats Rivals In Veritest Analysis

Sophos, a world leader in anti-virus and anti-spam protection forbusinesses, today announced that in a competitive analysis of enterpriseanti-virus applications conducted by VeriTest, a division of LionbridgeTechnologies (NASDAQ:LIOX), Sophos Anti-Virus led competitor solutionsin several key areas including most frequent virus updates in bothmanual and automatic testing.

VeriTest performed a detailed competitive analysis of Sophos’s desktopanti-virus solution version 3.75 against competitors including McAfeeVirusScan 7.0, Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.6, Trend MicroOfficeScan 5.5 and Reliable Anti-Virus (RAV) 8.6. RAV is the solutionfrom GeCAD, whose anti-virus technology was acquired by Microsoft lastyear. Testing focused on three areas for each product: ease of productinstallation, scheduling accuracy and total time for scheduled scans,and procedures for updating virus definitions. Highlights of thetesting results across these areas include:

* Installation speed: On a test network, Sophos Anti-Virus installationtime was the fastest – 673% faster than Network Associates/McAfee and296% faster than Trend Micro.

* Installation size: Sophos Anti-Virus takes up the least amount of diskspace on the client – 306% less space than Trend Micro and 274% smallerthan Symantec.

* Scanning performance: Sophos Anti-Virus performed virus scanning thefastest, scanning 231% faster than Symantec and 161% faster than TrendMicro.

* Virus updates: Sophos provided the most frequent virus updates inboth manual and automatic testing configurations and provided extremelysmall and efficient update files. For a 10-day test period, the totalsize of downloads necessary to keep Sophos Anti-Virus updated againstnew viruses was only 419 Kb – 65x smaller than Trend Micro (at 27.3 Mb),30x smaller than Symantec (at 12.5 Mb), and 25x smaller than NetworkAssociates/McAfee (at 10.3 Mb).

* Virus update notification: Sophos is the only vendor to provide freevirus update email notifications on a daily basis, to coincide withvirus definition updates.

“Veritest’s findings validate Sophos’s ability to provide anti-virussoftware that meets the stringent virus protection requirements ofbusinesses,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos.”Network administrators demand anti-virus software that is simple andquick to install, scans efficiently, and most importantly can be quicklyupdated against new virus threats with minimal impact on networkperformance. Based on the testing, Sophos Anti-Virus meets these needsbetter than any other major virus vendor.”

About VeriTest
VeriTest (, the testing division of LionbridgeTechnologies, Inc., provides outsourced testing solutions that maximizerevenue and reduce costs for our clients. For companies who usehigh-tech products as well as those who produce them, smoothlyfunctioning technology is essential to business success. VeriTest helpsour clients identify and correct technology problems in their productsand in their line of business applications by providing the widest rangeof testing services available. For more information, email us or call us at 919-380-2800.

About Sophos
Sophos is a world leading computer security specialist, developinganti-virus and anti-spam software. Headquartered in the UK, the companyproduces solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes – from smallenterprises to global corporations. Sophos is acclaimed for deliveringthe highest level of customer satisfaction and protection in theindustry. The company’s products are sold and supported in more than 150countries and protect more than 25 million users.

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