Trusecure’s New IntelliShield Early Warning System Ends the Era of Reactive Threat Management

Company Launches First Product to Integrate Asset-Based Vulnerability, Threat and Remediation Intelligence into a Proactive Threat Management Solution

Herndon, VA – January 26, 2003 – TruSecure ® Corporation, the leading provider of intelligent risk management products and services, today unveiled TruSecure IntelliShieldâ„? Early Warning System, a ground-breaking, enterprise-class threat management system. IntelliShield Early Warning System (EWS) is the first security product to integrate asset-based vulnerability, threat and remediation intelligence into a proactive threat management solution. Using EWS, organizations can significantly reduce the time required and increase the effectiveness of vulnerability discovery and remediation.

The rapid growth in the number of network-connected devices and applications, combined with the increasing number of new vulnerabilities and threats, has overwhelmed companies with the sheer volume of security data generated. Security administrators are struggling to rapidly filter and interpret this data, while taking what is meaningful and trying to apply it to the challenges facing their enterprise.

IntelliShield Early Warning System is an asset-based threat management product that delivers actionable intelligence and remediation advice to security administrators by integrating vulnerability and asset data to determine the threats that are relevant to the customer’s network. As a result, security administrators know which remediation tasks need to be performed on what assets immediately, based on their business value to the organization. IntelliShield Early Warning System’s proactive and prioritized approach reduces the entire landscape of security threats to focus on only those that are pertinent, thereby reducing the cost of security management and the impact of new threats and vulnerabilities.

“Recent market consolidation combined with the continued evolution of security offerings has created a point of convergence in the marketplace,” said Matthew Kovar, CFA, vice president, security solutions & services, The Yankee Group. “Corporations are seeing the first of a new class of security management systems that blend the best of security intelligence services with flexible and open vulnerability assessment technologies to create comprehensive vulnerability-to-remediation solutions. Asset-based threat management systems like TruSecure’s IntelliShield Early Warning System can help organizations finally gain the upper hand on emerging security threats by allowing security managers to focus on only relevant threats, while eliminating the time and resource drain of addressing vulnerabilities that present no risk.”

In September 2003, TruSecure announced a comprehensive set of new product and services offerings for intelligent risk management, including the TruSolutions product family and two service families, TruServ and TruAdvisor. In addition to IntelliShield Early Warning System, the TruSolutions family of products includes Risk Commander, which provides turn-key insight into security effectiveness by measuring and providing visual proof of standards and regulatory compliance; and IntelliShield Alert Manager, which is a security vulnerability alerting service that notifies the key individuals in your organization about emerging issues.

“Every year corporations spend millions of dollars monitoring the security landscape for new and mostly irrelevant vulnerabilities,” said Mike Rothman, vice president of marketing, TruSecure Corporation. “Organizations need intelligence and management capabilities that will allow them to focus on the small universe of threats that are relevant and carry some real security risk to their enterprise. IntelliShield Early Warning System is ending the era of reactive threat management by helping security administrators focus on the threats demanding immediate attention, thus eliminating the need to waste resources on the vulnerabilities that are irrelevant.”

Pricing and Availability
IntelliShield Early Warning System is available worldwide. Pricing is based on the number of assets protected, consisting of a one-time application cost and recurring intelligence subscription. Please visit for more information.

About TruSecure Corporation
TruSecure is the leading provider of intelligent risk management products and services. TruSecure dramatically improves security and reduces risk by helping organizations make better security decisions and maximizing the effectiveness of existing security people, processes and products. Leveraging TruSecure’s vast security knowledge and intelligence gathering resources – including ICSA Labs®, the global leader in information security product certification – as well as innovative technology and time-tested processes, our customers can predict which vulnerabilities present real risk, prioritize remediation efforts, quickly adapt to changes in the security threatscape, measure progress in improving their security posture, and document compliance with applicable security policies, standards and regulations.

Headquartered in Herndon, VA, TruSecure Corporation has offices in North and Central America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region. Our customer-proven solutions are used by more than 700 organizations worldwide.

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