Syhunt Announces the Availability of its Security Hardening Software

Jan. 26, 2004 — Syhunt today announced the availability of its security hardening software for web servers. TrustSight Security Hardening parses the web server’s configuration files to detect security configuration errors. Utilizing its development experience and its computer lab, Syhunt completed the development of the TrustSight Security Hardening software.

Adriana Gomide, corporate vice president of Product Delivery and Response at Syhunt, says TrustSight Security Hardening can be used with other software, such as ModSecurity, to enhance the security of Apache servers and servers running PHP.

“We found that ModSecurity is very effective in detecting and preventing both known and unknown attacks. It also comes with a number of security features to enhance the default Apache installation.”, Gomide says, “That makes it perfect for use with the TrustSight Security Hardening software.”

Ivan Ristic, developer of ModSecurity, says the security hardening software helps make Apache even more secure. “For many people who don’t want to become security specialists configuring an application to run securely is often a daunting task.”, Ristic says, “By automatically analyzing Apache and PHP installations, and giving expert advice, TrustSight Security Hardening allows common people to secure their Apache installations without spending more time on the task than necessary.”

For additional information about ModSecurity, visit the Ivan Ristic page at:

Key Features: Enhancing Web Server Security

TrustSight Security Hardening handles the web server configuration and things that cannot be done on the application level by the TrustSight Security Scanner because the server configuration is not remotely accessible or completely visible from the Internet. TrustSight Security Hardening features include:

– Smart Database – Examines the web server’s security configuration with close to 50 security checks
– Advanced Heuristic Scanning – Provides heuristic analysis of the web server’s configuration files to detect security configuration errors
– Multiple Format Compatibility – Supports Apache and PHP configuration files
– Report Generation – Produces simple, easy to read reports

Pricing and Availability

TrustSight Security Hardening is freeware. The software is available for download at:

TrustSight Security Scanner is commercial software. Pricing starts at $260. A free limited version is available for download at:

About Syhunt

Syhunt is a leader in web application security and the development of network defense systems, that monitors the activities of Internet groups from its lab. Syhunt teams for the last couple of years has been a supplier of intelligence and information to many of the largest corporate enterprises.

Syhunt is highly regarded in its field. The company’s software is used by thousands of organizations worldwide. These include such companies as British Petroleum, Ernst & Young, IBM and Sun Microsystems. The company have its own high-end technologies to coordinate and dispense vital updates among the companies. For more information, visit the Syhunt Web site at

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