KaVaDo Executive Named To Infoworld Top 25 CTO’s List

New York City – January 28, 2004- KaVaDo Inc., the technology leader in Web Application Protection, today announced Yuval Ben-Itzhak, chief technology officer and co-founder, has been selected as an honored recipient of the 2004 InfoWorld CTO 25 Awards.

InfoWorld selected its Top 25 Chief Technology Officers for 2004 based on evidence of leadership during the economic downturn and support of special projects and innovations. Results appeared in the January 26 edition of InfoWorld and are also available at http://www.infoworld.com/867.

“Innovation does not occur in a vacuum,” said Steve Fox, InfoWorld editor-in-chief. “It is the result of vision, expertise, and applied creativity. This year’s CTO 25 award winners provided leadership to their companies and the industry during a difficult period, and they continue to lead during the recovery.”

Ben-Itzhak has over 15 years experience in research and development with a major focus on the security marketplace. Through his achievements in founding KaVaDo and participation in market advancing committees, Ben-Itzhak is recognized as an industry leader. He is a key contributor to the VulnXML project sponsored by OWASP and an active member of the OASIS Web Application Security (WAS) Technical Committee, which is developing standards for clear classification and impact assessment of application threats.

At KaVaDo, Ben-Itzhak manages the design, development, and production of the security software suite – Web application firewall InterDo and Web application scanner ScanDo. By intercepting and securing incoming and outgoing Internet traffic, KaVaDo products proactively define acceptable behavior with respect to Web application use, rather than reactively targeting patterns and signatures that require continuous updates. Additionally, KaVaDo is the first to provide seamless integration capabilities between the Web application firewall and scanner products to exchange attributes and create an optimized positive-security policy.

“The opportunities for CTOs to create tangible business impact are ever increasing and changing – and that’s very exciting indeed,” said Yuval Ben-Itzhak, co-founder and CTO of KaVaDo. “The evolving and growing role of the CTO inspires me to push the envelope in terms of security leadership, technical innovation, and real-world solutions.” Each year, InfoWorld honors IT executives who have shown leadership both inside and outside of their companies. Nominations are reviewed by the InfoWorld’s CTO Advisory Council, which makes recommendations to InfoWorld editors for final selection.

About KaVaDo, Inc.
KaVaDo provides next-generation Web Application Protection and assessment solutions for the corporate market using its patent-pending Protected Path(tm) technology. These solutions account for the various types of threats against Web applications and allow users to apply the necessary protection against potential threats, known and unknown. KaVaDo offers a unique, effective approach to Web Application Protection with minimum strain on system resources, easy installation and management, and flexibility to handle any applications under various environments.

The company is based in New York with international research and development, sales and support facilities. KaVaDo has secured funding from Banc of America Equity Partners, Neurone Ventures, Pequot Ventures and 3i. More information on the company can be found at http://www.KaVaDo.com.

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