ERUCES, Inc. Announces Launch of Encryption Framework for Enterprises

KANSAS CITY – February 9, 2004 – ERUCES Inc., the leading developer of high volume encryption solutions today announced the launch of the Encryption Framework for Enterprises* v 3.3. The Encryption Framework for Enterprises(tm) (EFE) solves the many problems faced by routine in-house encryption development by providing an abstraction layer between the application and cryptographic tool-sets to automate, standardize and provide a scalable encryption solution.

States Bassam Khulusi, CEO of ERUCES, “For the past four years ERUCES has been actively engaged in bringing encryption solutions to market based on our patent-pending Tricryption Engine key management system. During this period we have learned that while there are many encryption projects underway in many organizations, most of them are being developed in-house using technologies that have little ability to scale or to be used in conjunction with a service oriented architecture. The Encryption Framework for Enterprises provides everything enterprise architects, project managers and developers require to deploy a secure and robust encryption solution.”

What is Driving Demand for Encryption Framework?
* Due to internal security requirements and/or compliance with government regulations, a growing number of enterprise encryption projects are being scheduled and initiated,
* Number of platforms involved (legacy, messaging, web services, mobile) are increasing and growing more complex,
* Data is being consumed across applications/platforms,
* Most large enterprises/organizations either build solutions in-house or contract out for customized solutions,
* When building encryption solutions, each
platform/application requires its own encryption schema, which creates stovepipe scenarios and uncertain success,
o Stovepipe applications are hard to support,
o Applications cannot exchange encrypted data,
o Applications cannot grow or transition with future technologies,
o The ultimate cost of support and growth are very high.

* Ad hoc development of encryption schemas have a higher chance of being poorly implemented and are either being implemented using open source code, or PKI-based toolkits which cannot scale cross an enterprise,
* The prescribed model of software architecture to support Service Oriented Architectures rely upon Model Driven Architecture, which cannot be achieved with stovepipe development.

“One of the top priorities in any organization is to secure and protect its data. To do this the use of encryption technologies is essential, and the heart of any encryption schema is key management,” said Charles Kolodgy, research director for Security Products at IDC. “For any company looking to deploy encryption, I’d highly suggest that they evaluate the Encryption Framework for Enterprises to solve their data protection problems.”

Adds Adam K. Erickson, senior vice president of worldwide sales and marketing for ERUCES, “When it comes to deploying encryption solutions, most companies prefer to build their own proprietary solutions to decrease costs and to ‘make it unique’. Now those companies can have the best of both worlds by building proprietary encryption solutions based upon a tried and tested framework that will provide high security and high ROI.”

What Others Are Saying about the Encryption Framework for Enterprises

Mir Baqar, Director Client Enterprise Solutions, NEC Solutions: “NEC Enterprise Solutions is dedicated to building the highest quality and most secure applications for our customers. Using the Encryption Framework for Enterprises allows us to make this happen.”

Paul Lamb, CTO, Oil Law Records
“Oil-Law Records uses both Microsoft’s .Net and Sun’s Java to deliver our web-based applications. The Encryption Framework for Enterprises provides us with not only developer flexibility and ease of use but also gives us a complete framework for encryption that doesn’t require us to “re-invent the wheel”.”

Rodney Chew, President LinkRight
“By its nature, working with Java means that you are striving for ease-of-use and interoperability. This also means that creating security solutions becomes a more difficult process. Anytime we need to use encryption, we use the Encryption Framework for Enterprises because it provides maximum flexibility with maximum security.”

Gary Long, President, Kindred Systems
“My clients come to me to help them understand their IT security requirements and how to implement security best practices. The Encryption Framework for Enterprises is an essential tool that I recommend to all my clients.”

ERUCES is a security software company that allows industry leaders to implement the highest level of data security possible. Using the Encryption Framework for Enterprises, enterprise architects can now view data encryption as a pervasive service. ERUCES is a rapidly growing, privately held company headquartered in Kansas City, with offices in San Francisco and Washington, DC. For further information, visit or call (913) 310-0888.

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