Nemx Announces Power Tools 4.2

Ottawa, Canada – February 17, 2004- Nemx Software, a provider of anti-virus and secure content management products for companies of all sizes, today announced that its latest version of Power Tools 4.2 software is the first antispam product to provide unique “friendly domain” functionality, which will advance end user and IT administrators’ confidence in efficiently deciphering between – and automating the management of – spam and legitimate business email.

According to leading industry analysts, false positives – legitimate email messages identified as spam – will cost U.S. businesses $3 billion in lost sales opportunities by the end of 2003. With the increased sophistication of spammers, many IT administrators are now configuring their antispam implementations to quarantine thousands of red-flagged email messages to prevent spam from arriving in end-user mailboxes. As a result, IT professionals are spending valuable time personally handling thousands of email messages to ensure no true business email is accidentally discarded. The latest version of Nemx Power Tools is designed to significantly reduce the number of quarantined emails that administrators need to examine on a day-to-day basis – and enable business email to reach its recipients undisturbed – using a new function called “friendly domains”.

For existing Nemx customers, such as Murphy McKay & Associates, IT consulting specialists, friendly domains will be a welcome addition to Power Tools. “Spammers are always looking for new ways to get through filters, but when using the quarantine function we are faced with the risk of deleting legitimate emails which are critical to our business,” said Jeremy Whiteman, Network Engineer, Murphy McKay & Associates. “This new functionality will help us and our clients to reduce the time spent revising quarantined messages and focus on other IT projects. Power Tools enables us all to stem the tide of spam into our end user inboxes by providing multiple lines of defense.”

Nemx Power Tools 4.2 includes functionality designed specifically to measure the frequency and destination of emails that an organization sends externally and automatically sets up a list of “friendly domains”. Unlike white-listing technologies that require IT administrators to manually create lists of legitimate domains, “friendly domain” technology intuitively identifies which domains are those of actual business partners and customers. This enables IT administrators to configure Power Tools 4.2 to automatically delete all identified spam, while legitimate email will then be forwarded on for virus checking before arriving in end-user inboxes.

“IT administrators are faced with ensuring all legitimate business email gets through to the right people and isn’t accidentally screened out as spam,” said John Young, President of Nemx Software Corporation. “Spammers are always going to find new ways of getting around existing systems, so organizations require tools that offer a multi-tiered approach to dealing with spam. The addition of friendly domain functionality to Power Tools’ current filtering capabilities provides IT administrators with a powerful tool for effectively dealing with spam to ensure the reliability of email systems while addressing the productivity challenges that come with fighting spam.”

The newest version of Power Tools will increase user confidence throughout companies that depend on business email for the maintenance and growth of their operations. Friendly domain functionality will be integrated with Power Tools’ existing features including Concept Manager, a technique that uses thesaurus matching to monitor and block email based on the entire concept of a message. Combined with friendly domains, Concept Manager will provide businesses with more granularity to email concepts for detecting what is and is not spam.

Adding to its current arsenal of tools, Power Tools 4.2 will also include the following functionality:
· Improved quarantined mechanism – Using new filtering, categorizing, viewing and sorting features, IT administrators can reduce administration time when dealing with messages in the quarantine folder.
· Server-based user rules – Organizations with varying user needs now have the ability to push triggered email to specific folders in end users’ inboxes, enabling IT administrators to pass control to end users to decide what email is important to them.

Pricing and Availability
The Advanced Edition of Power Tools 4.2 will be commercially available February 17th. Pricing is dependent on components selected and number of connectors and/or mailboxes. The product is priced starting at $999 US for a 50-user license, and starts at $495 US for the Internet Edition.

About Nemx Software Corporation
Nemx Software Corporation was established in 1994 to provide adaptable security solutions for the Microsoft Exchange environment. Nemx was the first company to develop anti-virus products for the Microsoft Exchange client and since then, the company has designed products to work seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange. The company’s products meet the growing need for secure email content management, protection from viruses and SPAM, and monitors for inappropriate employee behavior and content. Nemx Power Tools offers multiple lines of defense in the fight against spam, and comes in two editions. Advanced Edition, offers enterprises of all sizes complete protection from both Internet and internal email, while Internet Edition, designed specifically for small to medium sized enterprises, addresses security at the Internet level. Nemx Software has more than 3,000 customers around the world, and is based in Ottawa, Canada. For more information about Nemx Software, please visit

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