Voice Over IP Performance and Security Now Protected by TippingPoint’s UnityOne Intrusion Prevention Systems

AUSTIN, Texas – Feb. 18, 2004 – TippingPoint Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: TPTI), the leader in intrusion prevention, today announced that its customers are protected against cyber threats on voice over IP (VoIP) through UnityOne Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS). UnityOne customers are also able to manage bandwidth and traffic policies to allocate more bandwidth and priority to VoIP.

Kip McClanahan, chief executive officer of TippingPoint, said, “VoIP exemplifies the convergence of the Internet and the phone network. With this convergence, we’re seeing the simultaneous creation of both new opportunity and new risk. Communication efficiency and cost reduction must be measured against new exposures to cyber threats and potential attacks on our critical infrastructure. TippingPoint is the first company to develop a solution that takes into account the security and performance complexities of VoIP usage and attacks.”

UnityOne’s Application Protection provides comprehensive attack prevention against VoIP vulnerabilities. TippingPoint delivers Virtual Software Patches through a Digital Vaccine service to maintain evergreen protection. For example, TippingPoint issued a virtual patch to shield against exploitation of recently disclosed vulnerabilities in the H.323 telephony protocol commonly used in VoIP applications. Tools to exploit these vulnerabilities were published on the Internet January 26, and TippingPoint issued virtual patches to block these exploits the same day. TippingPoint customers are also protected against malformed packets, blended threats, denial of service attacks, and SYN flood attacks.

TippingPoint’s UnityOne provides bandwidth management capabilities that enable administrators to set policies and shape traffic by application or IP address. Administrators can also throttle other applications like instant messaging or peer-to-peer traffic to give priority to VoIP. The UnityOne’s Layer 2-7 total flow inspection capability enables it to accurately classify traffic. Malicious traffic is immediately discarded before it reaches its target. Other traffic performs according to policies set by administrators.

About TippingPoint Technologies TippingPoint Technologies is the leading provider of network-based intrusion prevention systems that deliver in-depth protection and attack eradication for corporate enterprises, government agencies, service providers and academic institutions. This innovative approach offers customers an effective network-based security solution with unrivaled economics, ultra-high performance, scalability and reliability. TippingPoint is based in Austin, Texas and can be contacted through its Web site at www.tippingpoint.com or by telephone at 1-88UNITYONE.

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