Macrovision Equips Leading Software Companies with Strategic Licensing Solutions as IT Spending Rebounds in 2004

LONDON, England — February 23, 2004 — Macrovision Corporation, the world’s leading provider of software licensing technologies, today announced the availability of Macrovision FLEXnetâ„? Publisher, a licensing solution consisting of five plug and play modules that provide new licensing models, flexible pricing and packaging, advanced security and automated lifecycle management to software products. As today’s discriminating IT customers demand more value from their software investments, FLEXnet Publisher makes it possible for software vendors to sell products the way customers want to buy them, while at the same time achieving greater profitability.

Analyst group IDC predicts a “tech resurrection” will occur in 2004 as worldwide IT spending returns to solid positive growth. “While IT buyers may begin to loosen their purse strings in 2004, IDC expects that anyone considering purchasing software will require an analysis of what is really needed to accomplish their business objectives,” said Amy Mizoras Konary, program manager for software pricing, licensing and delivery at IDC. “IT buyers wish to focus on allocating resources more efficiently and generating ROI, which means negotiating the most beneficial license agreements. In this environment, FLEXnet Publisher can help software vendors deliver customized licensing solutions and the terms to go with them.”

FLEXnet Publisher is built on the Macrovision FLEXnet Universal Licensing Platform. It’s supported by a large and growing network of partners such as Intel, InstallShield and Intraware, providing even more options for software publishers to configure the best solution for each customer.

Based on more than 20 years of industry experience and proven licensing technologies, Macrovision’s FLEXnet Publisher helps vendors increase revenues by enabling innovative licensing models like grid or utility computing.

“Macrovision’s utility pricing has been a key contributor to the success of our business, enabling us to create a new offering which translates into additional revenue and increased responsiveness to our customers,” said Sean Hogan, product marketing manager at Wind River Systems, a world leader in embedded software and services.

FLEXnet Publisher Modules and Key Benefits
FLEXnet Publisher is the flagship product of the new FLEXnet Universal Software Licensing Platform. Introduced in October 2003, the FLEXnet Universal Licensing Platform is a unique end-to end licensing solution that enables software publishers to extend the life of their product offerings, increase market and account penetration, reduce piracy and casual copying, and streamline operational costs. FLEXnet Publisher enables software publishers to:

” Increase sales through new pricing models, promotion and distribution channels;
” Capture revenue previously lost to unauthorized, unlicensed or illegal use;
” Reduce the cost of sales through digital distribution;
” Speed time-to-market with flexible licensing options and product packaging; and
” Simplify ongoing license management by automating re-hosts, upgrades, and renewals.

FLEXnet Publisher consists of five modules offering complementary functionality to meet the unique needs of each customer:

” Licensing Module for rapid customization of product licensing and packaging terms;
” Utility Pricing Module for a variety of usage-based pricing models;
” Promotional Licensing Module for promotional and trial versions of software;
” Enhanced Security Module for prevention of software piracy; and
” Operations Module for automating the entire license generation, fulfillment and renewals process.

For more details on FLEXnet Publisher, visit our web site at:

Pricing and Availability
Macrovision FLEXnet Publisher is now available. Macrovision offers flexible pricing and licensing terms, based on the level of functionality desired. For more information on Macrovision FLEXnet Publisher, and other FLEXnet products and services, phone +1-877-353-9479 or visit the Macrovision web site at

About Macrovision
Macrovision Corporation (Nasdaq:MVSN) is the market leader in electronic licensing, copy protection, and digital rights management (“DRM”) technologies. Analysts recognize Macrovision as the clear market leader, and it’s estimated that the company sells more software-based licensing solutions than all its competitors combined. Macrovision FLEXnet, the world’s first universal licensing platform, enables customers to easily price, package and protect their software. More than 3000 software publishers have shipped FLEXenabled(tm) software, and hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies use Macrovision technologies to better manage their software licenses. The company holds over 700 software licensing and DRM patents worldwide and has been ranked by Business 2.0 as one of the top 100 Tech Companies for two consecutive years. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Macrovision has international offices in London, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Taipei, Hong Kong and Seoul. More information about the Macrovision can be found at

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