SCB Solutions, Inc. to Launch a New Range of Applications for “Smart Cards and Beyond”

Arlington, VA – March 9, 2004 – SCB Solutions, Inc. deploys a family of products to meet the need for integrated smart card applications in enterprise, healthcare and education markets throughout North America.

SCB Solutions, Inc. is introducing to the North American market a new range of products that have their origins in successful applications throughout the world. SCB Solutions support’s best in class products to meet the North American market requirements.

The founders, Rod Donnelly and Ronan Lapie, have decades of experience in smart card and identification technologies, and have participated in most of the smart card implementations in the US to date.

Rod Donnelly, President and Sales VP, was with DataCard Corp. for 19 years. He joined the Bull CP8 Smart Card division of Groupe Bull as North American Director of Sales in 1998 and managed the very successful sales operation of that organization.

Ronan Lapie, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, joined Bull CP8 in 1993. In 2001, he joined MasterCard International as director of Global e-Business, directing MasterCard’s key members in smart card and mobile commerce projects. He left MasterCard to co-found SCB Solutions, Inc.

“The key markets SCB Solutions is supporting are seeking expertise in the complex decision making and logistical processes required to implement strong identification and authentication systems,” says Donnelly. “Many companies offer part of the solution, but they have difficulty working with legacy systems or with their competitors who may have a better alternative. We will offer the “Right Fit”â„? for the client. We have already been through the learning curve and can smooth out the bumps for our clients and our sales channel.”

Lapie added: “The superior products of our technology partners make the integration of smart cards much easier than in the past. Especially for customers that do not want to spend millions of dollars on new infrastructure and PKI. The customers have a wealth of knowledge about current systems and technology, but smart cards bring a whole new dynamic to the process. If we cannot provide the best product solution we will work with the client through our consulting practice to make sure that whatever solution fits the requirements best will be implemented. That is our area of strength.”

SCB Solutions, Inc. with its deep knowledge of the North American market believes the timing is perfect to provide applications, products and support to grow and migrate smart card identification into today’s more secure environment.

About SCB Solutions, Inc.
SCB Solutions, Inc. product portfolio includes integrated smart card applications and products for a variety of markets, a wide selection of card reader terminals designed for specific needs including outdoor applications, copier and print controllers, and cash to card systems. The SCB Consulting practice is designed to provide strategic, technological and logistical support to enterprises considering new identification and authentication.

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