TippingPoint’s UnityOne Intrusion Prevention System Blocks Cyber Threats at ALON USA

AUSTIN, Texas – May 10, 2004 – TippingPoint Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: TPTI), the leader in intrusion prevention, today announced that ALON USA has purchased the UnityOneâ„? Intrusion Prevention Systems to protect their network from worms, viruses, Trojans, Denial of Service attacks and other cyber threats.

Prior to the UnityOne installation, a series of well-known worms and viruses infected the network, periodically overloading the Web server and obstructing Internet access for users. Once UnityOne was deployed, the attacks were immediately blocked and Internet access was restored within five minutes. UnityOne was also instrumental in notifying administrators about the location of infected hosts, so administrators could provide appropriate remediation.

According to Jim Carpenter, manager of Information Technology for ALON USA, “UnityOne protected us from a very destructive wave of attacks that were able to bypass traditional security tools. UnityOne continues to block malicious traffic daily and is extremely easy to maintain with the automatic updates from the Digital Vaccine service.”

TippingPoint’s President and COO James Hamilton said, “UnityOne helped ALON USA eliminate cyber threats and fortify their network. We commend ALON USA’s proactive approach to safeguarding their network.”

TippingPoint’s UnityOne provides Application Protection, Performance Protection and Infrastructure Protection at gigabit speeds through total packet inspection. Application Protection capabilities provide fast, accurate, reliable protection from internal and external cyber attacks. Through its Infrastructure Protection capabilities, UnityOne protects routers, switches, DNS and other critical infrastructure from targeted attacks and traffic anomalies. UnityOne Performance Protection capabilities enable customers to throttle non-mission critical applications that hijack valuable bandwidth and IT resources, thereby aligning network resources and business-critical application performance.

ALON USA, a fully-integrated refining and marketing enterprise, is a subsidiary of ALON Israel Oil Co. Ltd. ALON Israel purchased the downstream business of ATOFINA Petrochemicals Inc., including its domestic fuels marketing business, pipelines, terminals and Big Spring, Texas refinery. Headquartered in Dallas, ALON USA controls the marketing rights to FINA gasoline in the Southwest region. Through its Southwest Convenience Stores (SCS) retail marketing division, ALON USA operates more than 170 convenience stores in West Texas and New Mexico under the 7-Eleven and FINA brands – making it the largest 7-Eleven licensee in the U.S.

ALON USA also has an extensive wholesale marketing business and sells quality fuel products under the FINA brand in seven states in the Southwest. The company supplies over 1,200 FINA branded locations through a distributor and direct retail network.

In addition, ALON USA is a leading producer of asphalt and the second largest asphalt producer in Texas. The company offers an extensive asphalt product line including asphalt and modified asphalt cements, cutbacks and performance grades to meet paving and specialty needs across the U.S. For more information about the company, visit its website, www.alonusa.com.

About TippingPoint
TippingPoint is the leading provider of network-based intrusion prevention systems that deliver in-depth Application Protection, Infrastructure Protection, and Performance Protection for corporate enterprises, government agencies, service providers and academic institutions. Our innovative approach offers customers unmatched network-based security with unrivaled economics, ultra-high performance, scalability and reliability. TippingPoint is based in Austin, Texas, and can be contacted through its Web site at www.tippingpoint.com or by telephone at 1-88UNITYONE.

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