Sygate Introduces First Endpoint Security Solution For Windows XP Embedded-Based Devices

FREMONT, Calif.-May 17, 2004-Sygate Technologies, the market leader of enterprise endpoint security solutions, introduced today the Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded, the first value-added endpoint security solution for Microsoft Windows XP Embedded-based devices such as point-of-sale terminals, public kiosks, ATMs, and other network-connected systems including medical, gaming, and manufacturing control systems. Sygate’s first-to-market solution delivers intrusion detection and prevention, personal firewall, host integrity and centralized management to devices running Microsoft Windows XP Embedded. Separately, Sygate and BSQUARE, the industry leader in Windows Embedded solutions, announced today at Retail Systems 2004 that BSQUARE will be the value-added provider of Sygate endpoint security solutions for Windows Embedded OEMs and retail enterprises. With these announcements, Sygate is poised to make a significant entrance into the embedded systems market, a rapidly growing area of devices that run mission and life-critical applications.

“Sygate’s Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded is an example of the innovative value-add that our industry partners bring to the Windows Embedded platform,” said Todd Brix, group product manager, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division, Microsoft Corp. “The endpoint security solution is a componentized version of Sygate’s Security Agent running on other Windows platforms, and will be tightly integrated with Windows XP Embedded solutions making it applicable to a spectrum of devices such as retail point-of-sale terminals, ATMs and other network-connected systems.”

Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded is a componentized version of the Sygate Security Agent, currently deployed by many of the world’s largest enterprises – including Diebold and Prudential – to protect endpoints such as desktops, laptops, and servers. Suppliers of ATMs, point-of-sale terminals and other special-purpose devices can now offer the same level of protection for their Windows XP Embedded-based devices that Sygate Security Agent provides for endpoints running on any other Windows platform.

“We are pleased to join with Sygate in providing smart device OEMs and retail enterprises with Microsoft Windows Embedded solutions that are optimized with Sygate’s award-winning endpoint security technology,” said Brian Crowley, president and CEO, BSQUARE. “Together, we will extend Sygate’s innovative, enterprise-class security to protect any XP Embedded device, including point-of-sale customers in the retail marketplace.”

Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded extends Sygate’s award-winning endpoint security technology to Windows XP Embedded-based devices, and includes the following functionality:

Application-Centric Firewall
Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded (the “embedded Agent”) incorporates an application-centric firewall that stealths host systems, provides stateful firewalling, applies rule-based security policy, and controls application usage.

Application-Based Intrusion Prevention Engine
The embedded Agent’s intrusion prevention engine applies patterns of known intrusions to all incoming and outgoing traffic as a second layer of defense. Sygate’s unique application-based approach to intrusion prevention uses application layer information and deep packet inspection to more effectively identify and block known intrusions.

Adaptive Policies
The embedded Agent dynamically adapts security policies based on the device, the hostility of the network environment, and the access method.

Host Integrity Checking
The embedded Agent can check the security status of the embedded device including: the status of executables (antivirus, host firewall, host IDS, sandbox), files (antivirus signatures, host firewall policies, host IPS signatures, MD5 checksum, file version), registry values, versions, patches, and operating system configurations.

Universal Enforcement
Universal Enforcement ensures that embedded devices are 100 percent compliant with security policies before permitting network access. Enforcement can be accomplished in several different ways: Endpoint Enforcement, Gateway Enforcer, and enforcement in conjunction with third-party products such as VPNs or wireless access points.

Automated Remediation
Sygate automates the process of bringing embedded devices into compliance with security policy. When the devices are non-compliant with security policies, the embedded Agent can automatically initiate a remediation action, such as to download and install a software patch or update, execute command-line instructions, turn applications or OS features on or off, thereby returning the device to policy compliance.

Centralized Management
Sygate Management Server enables administrators to define, provision, and enforce security policies across all connected systems and devices. In addition, the Management Server can monitor and report on the overall security posture and incidents. “We are very excited about introducing both the new Sygate Security Agent for Windows XP Embedded-based devices, and our relationship with BSQUARE, which accelerate our entry into the fast-growing embedded devices market,” said John De Santis, CEO, Sygate. “The recent announcement of our global expansion efforts [see press releases dated April 26, 2004], followed by this expansion into the embedded devices market, demonstrates our commitment to growth and making endpoint security and policy enforcement a fundamental aspect of safe and secure computing.”

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BSQUARE is a leading provider of software, engineering services and consulting for the smart device market. Since 1994, BSQUARE has provided world-class device makers with the building blocks necessary to design, develop, and test innovative products quickly and cost effectively. A sample of BSQUARE customers includes Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Texas Instruments, Vodafone U.K., HTC, Microsoft and others. BSQUARE is one of Microsoft’s largest value-added partners worldwide for Windows Embedded software, a Gold-level Systems Integrator of the year and a leading Windows Mobile solutions provider for Smartphone and Pocket PC. BSQUARE is a Texas Instruments-licensed Independent OMAP? (Open Multimedia Application Platform) Technology Center. The company’s SDIO Now! technology has been adopted by over 60 top-tier smart device makers. For more information, visit BSQUARE at or call 888-820-4500.

About Sygate Technologies, Inc.
Sygate is the market leader of endpoint security solutions for the large enterprise. Using Sygate Secure Enterprise, the world’s largest companies protect their networks, enforce business policies, and automate security practices to regain control of network security, reduce costs, and ensure compliance across the organization. Partnerships with industry leaders, including Netscreen, Nortel, Cisco, RSA, and iPass, enable Sygate’s technology to operate seamlessly across multiple platforms and applications. Sygate Technologies is a privately held company headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, please visit or call 866-308-8899.

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