Pointsec Launches Latest Security Solution For Sony Ericsson Smartphones

Cambridge, UK May 27, 2004 – Pointsec Mobile Technologies, a global leader in mobile enterprise security, today released Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0, the latest version of its security package for mobile devices running Symbian OS. Now, enterprise users of Sony Ericsson P800/P900 smartphones can receive the same level of mobile data protection as Pointsec provides for other mobile platforms.

Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 offers extensive data protection solutions for the Symbian operating system. Files and folders are automatically encrypted in real time, with no user intervention required. Email and SMS data can also be encrypted and decrypted on the fly. The updated release comes with added support for central administration, Remote Help, and Pointsec’s user-friendly PicturePIN authentication.

“Pointsec’s vision is to offer enterprise-class data protection solutions, that are both easy to use and easy to manage, for all common mobile platforms. Many organisations would like to view their smartphone and PDA users as part of their network infrastructure and give them access to critical resources. However, in many cases there are relevant security and management issues that must be addressed before this can become reality,” said Peter Larsson, CEO of Pointsec Mobile Technologies.

“From a security perspective, you instinctively want to manage smartphones and PDAs in much the same way laptops are managed. By using Pointsec throughout the mobile workforce, sensitive information can be protected, independent of platform choice.”

Information stored on PDAs and smartphones is usually completely unprotected, or protected only through elementary access control. This weakness can become a serious issue if an unprotected device is lost or stolen. Once in place, Pointsec for Symbian OS automatically encrypts all files before they are stored, and decrypts them when opened by an authenticated user – a process that is automatic and fully transparent to the user and which does not noticeably affect performance.

The strong and fast 128-bit AES encryption applied by Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 provides protection for all kinds of information, including SMS and email messages, Microsoft Word or PowerPoint files. Pointsec’s solution also offers protection for information stored on removable memory cards.

In addition to encryption, Pointsec’s patent-pending PicturePIN technology replaces standard alphanumeric passwords with an easy-to-remember picture-based access control mechanism. Pointsec’s PicturePIN provides easy to use access control that prevents unauthorized users from accessing devices.

Key new features in Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 include support for central management using Pointsec profiles. Pointsec profiler enable IT and security management to create, change, and enforce the organization’s security policies, so that they control all mobile users. Full Remote Help is now also available. Users who accidentally lock their devices can regain access by calling their helpdesk and completing the secure Remote Help challenge/response procedure.

Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 is available from Pointsec Mobile Technologies. Pointsec for Symbian OS 2.0 supports Sony Ericsson smartphones P800 and P900. More Symbian OS devices will be supported later in 2004.

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