Report from the Juniper Networks/NetScreen EMEA Press Summit

At the second Juniper Networks/NetScreen EMEA Press Summit that was held between May 26th and 28th in Marbella, Spain, the company managed to take us on an interesting journey. Speakers covering a broad range of topics illustrated the evolution of Juniper Networks and introduced their vision for the future after the acquisition of NetScreen.

Everybody in the industry knows Juniper Networks as a strong player with 2400 employees worldwide. They are serving the top 25 service providers as well as 8 of the top Fortune 500 companies. As regards EMEA, Juniper Networks has also some big clients such as Siemens, the Daily Mail, Dutch Railways, and others. Perhaps the most important example of a mission-critical deployment is S.W.I.F.T.

What can be seen with certainty is that Juniper Networks is structured for growth. According to Forrester Research, 37% of enterprises will increase spending on their networks and VPN is still gaining ground so their target market is booming.

With a rich product portfolio that now incorporates NetScreen security solutions; the company is ready to get more market share. Their focus for the next 12 months is to penetrate new accounts and markets, grow service business and also increase their business in all segments – carriers, ISP’s, MSP’s, mobile, government networks, etc.

With an increase of network vulnerabilities and application attacks, security awareness is growing rapidly and companies are taking computer security seriously. Some are still just abiding to regulations and fail see the “big picture” while deeming spending on computer security as just an added cost. What Juniper Networks is aiming to is to simplify network complexity and operating costs and this will most certainly enable companies to get a better ROI.

Krishna “Kittu” Kulluri, Vice President and General Manager of the Security Products Group, explained the company’s mission by saying that: “Juniper Networks solves the most challenging network and security problems while creating a competitive advantage for our customers.”

With the NetScreen line of products on board, Juniper Networks just made the process of securing your network easier. If you’re already a client of the company, you can easily increase your security with their new product line. On the other hand, as a new customer it’s easier to build a network and secure it, all at once.

When discussing user plans for security products, David Flynn, Vice President of the Security Products Group, noted reliability, centralized management, high availability and ease of use as the key security product features. He also provided an overview of the Juniper Networks NetScreen IDP product range as well as the Juniper Networks NetScreen-Integrated Security Gateway (ISG) 2000 and its advanced system architecture.

When it comes to SSL VPNs we are dealing with the fastest growing market in the last five years. Juniper Networks predicts this constant growth to continue and at this time they own 35% of this market, that’s around 3 times more than the closest competitor.

The unique position that Juniper Networks has in the market is strong, Cisco lost around 10% of the market share in the last 12 months. The new Cisco router has been released and we can only wait and see how the market will shift.

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