Cisco and Trend Micro Extend Security Relationship to Deliver Network Worm and Virus Outbreak-Prevention Services

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 7, 2004 -Cisco Systems, Inc. and Trend Micro Inc., today announced a joint collaboration to deliver comprehensive network worm and virus outbreak-prevention services to help protect networked businesses. The new agreement is an extension of the companies’ relationship previously established in the Cisco(r) Network Admission Control (NAC) program, and will integrate Cisco network infrastructure and security systems with Trend Micro’s worm and virus technologies, vulnerability assessment, and real-time outbreak-prevention capabilities.

Under this extended agreement, Cisco will initially integrate Trend Micro’s network worm and virus signatures with the Cisco Intrusion Detection System (IDS) software deployed in Cisco IOS(r) Software-based routers, Cisco Catalyst(r) switches, and network security appliances. This will provide customers with advanced network threat intelligence and an added layer of real-time threat defense from known and unknown network worm and virus attacks.

Cisco has licensed additional Trend Micro technology that will, in subsequent phases, extend its threat prevention capabilities and include:

Vulnerability assessment: Helps further isolate and shield vulnerable machines from an attack and enhance endpoint protection.
Outbreak-prevention: Integrates policy-based attack-filtering capabilities with Cisco IDS software to accelerate network worm and virus detection and mitigation, helping customers detect, filter and contain outbreaks in the early stages of a new attack.
Damage clean-up: Provides customers automated assessment and repair of infected systems

“While combating network worms, reinfections, vulnerabilities, and system damage, customers continue to suffer business disruption, so the demand for more sophisticated threat prevention methods increases,” said Steve Chang, CEO and founder of Trend Micro Inc. “Cisco’s work to facilitate deployment of Trend Micro’s outbreak-prevention solutions and services into Cisco networking and security products will provide customers with real-time protection at the network layer. Trend Micro is also delighted with Cisco’s incorporation of Trend Micro’s Network VirusWall(tm) technology into Cisco’s Self-Defending Network strategy.”

The NAC program and this joint effort also enhance the Cisco Self-Defending Network security strategy that helps enable customers to identify, prevent and adapt to security threats. It also advances the award-winning Trend Micro(tm) Enterprise Protection Strategy (EPS), which provides proactive management of the network worm and virus outbreak lifecycle.

Alone, traditional antivirus technologies cannot address complex and ever-changing network security threats. This effort underscores how customers are realizing the need to take a systems-level approach to address this problem. Collaboration among industry leaders is required to deliver system-level solutions that provide multiple levels of defense.

“As Internet threats continue to evolve in their severity and complexity, it is critical that customers deploy comprehensive outbreak-prevention solutions to help build self-defending networks,” said Richard Palmer, vice president of Cisco’s VPN and Security business unit. “Cisco is pleased to announce the extension of our relationship with Trend Micro, and believes it demonstrates both companies’ commitment to deliver a more effective, lower-cost security environment for customers.”

Cisco and Trend Micro Solution Availability

The initial integration of Cisco IDS software with Trend Micro’s antivirus technologies is scheduled to be available in the third quarter of calendar year 2004 for all Cisco products that support Cisco IDS software version 4.1 including Cisco IOS Software-based routers, switches, and network security appliances. Further integration efforts for virus and worm outbreak prevention extensions are scheduled to be available by early calendar year 2005.

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